#1 Why my time entries have wrong duration?

In TimeCamp you don’t always count duration as a difference between entries’ end and start time. This can cause a confusion when you notice that your duration doesn’t always equal the time you entered. There might be two reasons for that kind of behavior:

1. Please make sure then, that the given settings are enabled:

-go to Timesheet settings(1), and enable “ Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry” (2):

2. You might be tracking from the desktop app level, in which case the duration of the entry will be based on computer time data only. So if you are running the timer from the desktop app widget the time will indicate only the active time spent on this task(when the mouse movement or keyboard activity was detected), no matter when the timer was on and off.

#2 Why it creates the second time entry when i want to continue the current one?

It’s happening due to your timesheet settings- you can, of course, change it allowing yourself to continue any of entries that are already located on your timesheet.

you just need to go to Timesheet settings(1), disable “Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry”(2) and enable “modify time in the existing entry”(3) – as has been shown on the picture below. This way you will be able to track on a previous time entry, without creating several numbers of them.

This setting is extremely important, especially when it comes to automatic time tracking. Due to its precision, the desktop app can create multiple couple-second time entries by default.
#3 Why can't I assign any project/task to my time entry?

If you can’t see any projects/tasks both in the project module, same as in the task picker on your timesheet you’re probably not assigned to any project. Consult it with your administrator if he already assigns you to any project, and if you have access right to track time to it.

For more information see Access rights article

#4 Why can't I see the settings button?

Only administrators have access to the account settings. If you don’t see the setting button on the upper bar of the screen, that means that you are either a user or a supervisor. You will have only access to your own profile settings.

#5 How do I delete “unassigned computer activities”?

You can remove this time by going to Computer Time reports. You’ll need administrator’s privileges to be able to do that.

Select the “Computer time” option from the upper bar. Next select “Dashboard”.

After that, you’ll need to set a timeframe to one day. A dashboard will turn into an hourly view. You can see detailed information about gathered activities by clicking on a bar representing a specific hour on a chart.

In the hourly view, you can mark each entry in the right column and Delete it at the bottom of the page.

#6 How do I assign the “unassigned computer activities” to a task?

If you have desktop application installed and you’re tracking time spent on the computer, you’ll find an additional entry in your timesheets called “unassigned computer activities”.

This entry contains time gathered by the application but not yet assigned to any task.

After expanding it you’ll be able to move data from a specific timeframe to desired task or project. There is only one condition, though. You need to make sure, that the “Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry” feature is disabled. You will find this in the right upper corner of your timesheet.

#7 Is TimeCamp available in different languages?

TimeCamp is available in many languages. Currently, you can change the language to one of the following:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)

To change the language, log in to your TimeCamp account. Click on the button in the right upper corner and go to My profile.

While editing your profile simply select the desired language from the drop-down list. Save your Settings by clicking a green button at the bottom of the page. That’s it!

#8 How to delete a time entry?

To delete the time entry, simply hover over it and click on the trash icon.

#9 Why my reports show no data?

Usually “no data” in the report is caused by wrongly selected filters. Please make sure that all of them are set up correctly (especially “active/archived” one).

If you don’t see other users’ data in reports that means that you probably don’t have access to them. Please visit Team’s access rights article to see what needs to be changed in order to give you this permission.

#10 How can i export my timesheet?

In order to export timesheet, you need to generate a report by time entries (detailed), set the required timeframe and click on the desired export file format.

#11 Can TimeCamp be used as a payroll system?

Yes. You can use complementary both the attendance module and billing rates to create a payroll system inside of the TimeCamp. Attendance report includes users working hours, efficiency, breaks, and day types. In billing settings, on the other hand, you can define a different salary rate for each of the employee. Altogether, you will be able to create an easy to use payroll structure.

#12 Why do I get the email summary of other users?

If you receive the email with different peoples time summary, that means that some additional email notifications might be activated for you. To manage them, please go to your profile settings and define via checkboxes which emails you want to receive.

You might also be a project manager of a task, to which named users are tracking their time.

#13 Why did the bar with a taskpicker on my Timesheet disappear?

If you can’t see the bar with a taskpicker on your timesheet, that means that you have been disabled to track your time via Timesheet.  Consult it with your administrator or download our desktop app.

(settings->add-ons ->time tracking)

#14 How can i close the desktop application?

To close the desktop app right click on it and hit the “exit”. If you don’t see this command that means that the setting “Allow close desktop application ” is disabled.

#15 Why can't I see my integration tasks?

The most common reason for disappearing integration projects/tasks is that they went archived.  Once the project is marked as completed/done in integration itself it automatically archives in TimeCamp and you cannot track time to it anymore.

#16 Which domains should I enable access to in my local network for the desktop application to properly synchronize gathered data?

For the desktop app to connect to our server successfully you’d need to whitelist and domains. Keep in mind that those are usually accessible by default – this question only applies to some fancy security environments.

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