Github integration

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Github allows collaboration in code review and code management. Thanks to our integration you can now track time on your repositories and divide it into branches, issues or pull request. Get to know how much time are you spending on new features or fixing a bug!


Note: to enable the integration you’ll need administrator’s privileges. To start the integration login to your TimeCamp account go to the Settings (1). Navigate to the Integrations bookmark (2).


Find Github on the list of available addons and click on “Enable” button.


Click on the green “Enable the integration” button.


You’ll be redirected to Github page and asked to grant TimeCamp authorization to access data from your account. To continue, click on the green “Authorize application” button.


You’ll be redirected back to TimeCamp. Select which repositories would you like to track time on, and which items (branches, issues, pull requests) would you like to import as tasks. When done, lick on the green “Save” button.



All imported items will be accesible for you to track time on using TimeCamp’s timesheets, mobile or desktop application.

Check our integration page – Github

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