Google calendar integration (TimeCamp native)

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Now you can integrate your meetings and events with our time tracking software. This manual describes how to enable integration between Google calendar and TimeCamp. This will import the events from the calendar as time entries in TimeCamp. You can edit them any time, but keep in mind: when you change the entry in TimeCamp, it won’t update later, even if you make changes in your Calendar. Just like deleting them from TimeCamp will be the final call for your timesheet as well and no further synchronization will restore them. The name of the calendar event is always shown in the notes field of the time entry.

Below you can find how to enable the integration:

  1. Firstly, please copy the address of the calendar. We recommend generating the private link as shown below



2. In TimeCamp go to settings -> integrations tab -> calendar settings and paste the link you generated earlier.  You may also set what time-frame would be imported from your calendar every time it syncs.

*3. We also prepared the scenario if you want to automize the process of assigning meetings to the specific projects. Simply use the meeting/event name as a keyword in the project. This way once we import this particular event it will get automatically assigned to the chosen project. You can find out how to assign keywords here.



Check our integration page – Google calendar

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