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Google Chrome plugin

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Another way to track time in TimeCamp is to use a Google Chrome plugin. This plugin allows you to track time to tasks on specific project management services directly, without the need to manually change between bookmarks in your web browser.

At this time plugin works in Google Chrome only and is available for following services:






Teamwork Projects




Please note that due to the latest update, Pivotal Tracker and Active Collab is NOT supported anymore.

Installing the plugin

You can install the extension from this link:

After installing it, the timer button will be added to track time on specific task/card.

The plugin synchronizes automatically with our servers, so all the entries you’re tracking time to will be visible on your timesheets in real time:


Examples of how timer looks after installing it on various websites:



For TimeCamp to properly account time to selected task/card, make sure that you have the integration with specific service enabled and properly set. You can do this by logging to your TimeCamp account and going to integrations setting page.

If you’re tracking time to newly created tasks/cards, TimeCamp might show that as “no task” on your timesheets. In this case please wait for tasks synchronization, which time can vary between services. Usually, it takes one hour. You can always force synchronization on your timesheets to speed things up a bit:

If for some reason timer isn’t working properly, please try relogging in its settings. When you go to service when the plugin can be activated, TimeCamp icon will appear on the right in the URL address bar. Click on it with your left mouse button and relogin with your TimeCamp credentials.

If this doesn’t help, please contact us at

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