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This article describes features currently available in the beta version.

If you want to control the localization of your employees, which are working out of office, use GPS Location Tracking. It’s a new solution to supervise where your workers are doing their job.

Note: to enable the GPS module, you’ll need administrator’s privileges.

So, let’s start!

Navigate to Settings>Add-ons>GPS Location tracking. Press the green button “Enable”:

After that, turn on the module and choose the group to which you want to track the location:

Very important! It’s not enough to just enable the GPS Location Tracking by the Administrator. You have to meet the conditions:

1. The user should turn on the location services on the telephone;

the option to enable location tracking for Android:

and for iOS: 2. Also, the user should allow TimeCamp access to the location when he is using the app. The location is detected when you turn on the timer for time tracking – and you can see the notification:

Remember! If the user disables in the mobile app GPS Location Tracker option, the function is not available.

If the user wants to check, if the GPS tracker is enabled, he should navigate in the mobile app to Settings>GPS Location Tracker

If it’s enabled, you can see the view:

If it’s disabled – you can see that:

Important! The location is recorded only when the timer is running.

You can supervise the results. Navigate to reports(1) module and choose Location report(2).

You can choose the report by location and by time entries.


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