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Please note that for your own comfort, the week timesheet will always change to a graphical view. Week timesheet is a brand new, calendar-like way to track your time. This type of view allows you to quickly and easily add time for a specific timeframe during the desired day.

Take a look at properly filled timesheet from one of our colleagues. As you see, each day is separated into two columns. The left one represents tasks the time has been assigned to (1). The right one is a quick overview of activities which were gathered by TimeCamp desktop application during your work (2).

Obviously, if you do not use the desktop application the right column will not be visible. However, with this data, you’ll be able to easily check what you were doing, if you prefer to fill out your timesheets later during the day.

Adding new entries

Now, when you know the basics, let’s focus on adding new entries to your timesheet. In the above example, the user did not fill out his timesheet on Monday and did not use the desktop application to track computer activities. Therefore, the first column is empty. To activate it simply click on Monday column. As you’ll see, the focus of timesheet was automatically changed to selected day.

Now you can start adding new entries. Click on the time you’d like your entry to start. Still holding the mouse button, drag the cursor down. Release the button when ready and fill out the information. Note that you can modify exact times in the editor panel. Next, select which task you wish to add time to, optionally add a note and finish creating your entry.


Real-time time tracking

Another cool feature is that for current day you can use an easy timer. Please note that if you’re in current week’s view, the current hour has a green  button. Simply click on it and you’re good to go. You can choose the task, browse other websites or even TimeCamp – the timer will still be active. When you’re done with tracking, click the “Stop tracking button” and a new entry will be added automatically for you.

Graphical timesheet’s settings

A new type of timesheet can be easily adjusted to your needs. There are a couple of settings, which can make your experience even more flawless. Note the gearwheel icon on the right site of timesheet’s header. Once expanded, you’ll find the following features:

The “Round time entries to 15min” setting is pretty simple. When you’re manually creating a new entry using the click-drag-release method, you’ll notice that by default each pixel down or up the timesheet changes the time entry for 15 minutes. With this feature off, you’ll have much more flexibility to create more accurate time entries. However, this method requires a lot of precision on your part.

The “When continue tracking” option allows you to decide whether entries regarding the same task during specific day should be automatically joined or left separate. If set to “Create new entry” each time you add time to specific task you’ll see separate time entries ready to be modified:

Alternatively, you can choose to “Modify time in existing entry“. This will extend your time entry until current timestamp. As a result, you’ll have empty spaces in timesheet deleted. Look at the difference from the same example as above:

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