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You can optimize your TimeCamp experience and adjust settings and available features to your needs.

Settings are automatically inherited from parent groups unless you edit them for specific groups.

For better user experience we’ve grouped available settings into categories available to choose from drop-down menu. You’ll find a short description of each setting in the table below.

Section Setting Description
Modules This section allows you to enable/disable modules available in TimeCamp
Computer Time This module allows you to track time spent on the computer. Install small desktop application and login to the specific account to track activities like applications used and websites visited. Computer Time module automatically calculates the efficiency of you and your employees.
Time and Attendance This module can be easily used as the attendance list in your company. Start and end of working hours are automatically calculated based on data gathered by the desktop application. You can also account leaves and absences.
Timesheets Module which allows you to assign time to projects and tasks. Enabling it unlocks two types of timesheets and multiple tasks reports which can help you to bill your customers precisely.
Invoicing Module which allows you to quickly issue invoices based on time tracked to your projects and tasks.

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