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If you’re working with contractors, or running projects for a Customer and need to share ongoing progress, you can now invite such users to the system as Guests.

A Guest is a special role, granting access to reports of time tracked by your team, without the possibility to track time on their own.

Now you can easily keep your Customers informed about the work you’re doing for them and have them track the project’s budget.

House Rules

  • Guests do not count into your license limit.
  • You can add as many Guests as you need.
  • Guests can not track time on their own or create/modify projects. Their role is limited to reporting features.
  • Your Guests will not be able to browse your team’s timesheets, hourly rates, and invoices.

Important – guests are not visible in the people picker!

Inviting Guests to your account

You can invite a Guest in a similar way you’re adding regular users.
Navigate to Users and click on the Invite people button.
Then, enter your Guest’s email address and mark the Guest Checkbox next to the email field.




Your Guest will receive an email invitation with their password, the same way regular users do.


To grant your Guest access to specific projects your team is tracking time on, you need to assign the Guest to a project, the same way you assign your team members – by editing a project in the Projects view.
Keep in mind that the same inheriting rules apply. If you’d grant your Guests access on the Project level, they’ll automatically have access to reports for all subtasks of the project.



While your Guest will not be able to track time on their own, they’ll be able to generate Reports from projects you’d assign them to.
Keep in mind that all financial information regarding your team member’s hourly rates will not be available to your Guest.



Adjusting Guest’s permission

You can turn your user into a Guest and vice versa at any time.
Remember, that to turn your Guest into a Regular User (who can track time), you’ll need a free license available on your account.
If you’re turning your User into a Guest, it’ll free up a license for you to use on someone else. Remember to downgrade your subscription if you do not intend to invite a new user!




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