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HeySpace integration

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HeySpace is a free and simple project management software with communication and collaboration features. By enabling the TimeCamp and HeySpace integration you’ll be able to track time on your workspaces, spaces, lists with cards.


Note: to enable the integration you’ll need administrator’s privileges.

To start the integration login to your TimeCamp account go to the Settings (1). Navigate to the Addons bookmark (2).


Find HeySpace on the list of available addons and click on the “Enable” button.


Enter your HeySpace login credentials (E-mail and password) and click on the green “Enable integration” button.


After a while, your Workspaces, Spaces, Lists, and Cards will be imported for you to track time on. All imported items will be accessible for you to track time on using TimeCamp’s timesheets, mobile or desktop application.


If you’re using Google Chrome, you can install our plugin to track time spent on cards directly in HeySpace.

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