How to assign “Unassigned computer activities” to your time entry

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Unassigned Computer Activities represent data recorded by the desktop application that was tracked automatically when you did not track time to any project.

If you want to track time with the desktop app without tracking computer activities when no task is selected, go to Desktop App Settings and select the “Track only computer activities when a timer for task is running” option.

Please, note that unassigned computer activities are not considered to be a separate time entry and do not add up to the sum of time tracked to projects on a specific date.


If you want to add unassigned computer activity to your time entry, you will need to start by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner (if you are the administrator you will see two of them – pick the lower one). Make sure that the “Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry” is disabled. 

Then, to expand the list of activities, click on the “(unassigned computer activities)”.

After that, select the activities you want to assign to a task and click on the green “Move activity” button – then pick the time entry you want these tasks to get assigned to. You can also drag and drop each activity to the time entry.


Bulk edit

If you want to, you can move all of your unassigned activities at once – to do that, following steps mentioned earlier, click on the “Bulk edit” (next to the gear you have used earlier) and select activities you want to move to a certain task.

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