For effective time tracking implementation you need to generate reports to calculate time in projects. You also should regularly remind your team that data from timesheets are useful for the company and for people.

In order to create custom summary, select the Reports link from the left menu.

Reports Generator

You will be redirected to so-called reports generator. Here you can create various reports regarding your projects or tasks.

Next, decide which of your projects should be considered in report. You can select all your projects, or choose single project by typing its name.

Reports from Projects

Now you can select people you want the report to involve. Just like by assigning people to task, you can select everyone from your organization, single group of people, or single user.


A very important feature you can choose is the type of the report. You can select how do you want to group time assigned to tasks. You can do it by task, days and people, by tasks and people, by tasks or by time entries.

By tasks, days, people

Last but not least, select if you want to see only active tasks or also archived ones.


To see a desired report, click on the Generate button.

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