How to check timesheets correctness?

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Check how much do your employees spend on doing their job

To do this the best option is to look at the by days, tasks and people report.

You generate it by going to Reports section and selecting Time Tracking Reports from the first tab.

The next thing you should do is to pick People by days and tasks section.

You can generate the report for the particular employee or for the whole team in “People” section.

The data helps you find out what kind of projects your team was working on in the chosen time frame and if those activities were registered in their timesheets.

In TimeCamp you can also compare this time, against the time of turning on/off the computer. To check the time frame for a computer being on you need to use Attendance reports.

To do so, go to the reports and pick Attendance tab.

Next, choose the time frame and the person you want to examine timesheets for. You’ll be able to see how long were your employees working on the computer and how much time did they totally tracked by filling timesheets.

Check how would your team track time for specific activities

This one you can partly check on your own with Away time reports.

Go to the reports and from “Computer time” tab pick “Away time”. It will show you how your employees allocate time for such tasks like phone calls, meetings.

You can define such small tasks that will be detected by the desktop application. To that end go to the Settings>Add-ons>Desktop app settings

In Away Time define the activities you want to see in the report.

Your members will be able to easily assign the time spent on them to a particular project.


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