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How to uninstall TimeCamp?

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To be able to uninstall TimeCamp from your computer, there is one important, obligatory thing which should be done at the beginning – closing the TimeCamp Desktop Application.




Find the TimeCamp Desktop App icon in the right bottom corner of the screen:

If you want the icon to be visible on the Task Bar all the time, go to:
Settings → Personalization → Task Bar → Notification Area → Select which icons appear on the Taskbar→ change TimeCamp Data Collector to On




Right-click the icon using the mouse and choose Exit.

It may happen that the application will ask you for the administrator’s password. The password the application requires comes from the person who invited you to join their TimeCamp account. This depends on your account settings.




Go to Add/Delete programs, find TimeCamp in, and choose the Uninstall option.




There will appear Program and Features window. Click TimeCamp application on the list using the right button of the mouse and choose Uninstall.




Go through the uninstallation process and choose Close.


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