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TimeCamp allows you to integrate with various different project management services. Instead of creating the project structure from scratch, you can import projects/clients/tasks lists from applications like Trello, Asana, Podio, Jira or many others. You can check the full list of available integrations here

You can also track time to those integrations with Google Chrome plugin, allowing you to use a timer directly on your favorite project management web page. This plugin is available for Asana, Trello, Podio, Teamwork, Todoist, HeySpace and Insightly. You can install it from here.

For specific information on how to enable available integrations, please choose the one that interests you from list below:

ActiveCollab integration

Asana integration

Azure DevOps integration

Breeze integration

Calendar integration

ClickUp integration

Dropbox Paper integration

Evernote integration

Freshdesk integration

Github integration

Gitlab integration

HeySpace integration

Insightly integration

Jira integration

Meistertask integration

Microsoft ToDo integration integration

Pivotal Tracker integration

Podio integration

QuickBooks integration

Redmine integration

Salesforce integration

Slack integration

Smartsheet integration

Targetprocess integration

Teamwork Projects integration

Todoist integration

Trello integration

Wrike integration

Xero integration

Zendesk integration

Zoho CRM integration

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