Invoicing basics

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TimeCamp Invoicing system allows you to easily issue invoices to your customers either based on time you’ve gathered for projects and tasks or simply by creating a blank document.

You can automatically fill up invoices with proper rates by settings hourly costs for either tasks or users.

Invoices can be sent to your Clients directly from TimeCamp via email. You can also generate public link or download them as PDF files and later share them however you prefer with your contractors.

You can also integrate with TimeCamp with your PayPal account and track your payments for issued invoices on ongoing basis.

Last but not least, if you’ve integrated TimeCamp with Xero or QuickBooks, you’ll be able to easily export invoices from TimeCamp to your preferred accounting software.

Start by entering your company’s details in TimeCamp settings (1). Enter “Add-ons” bookmark (2).

Find “Invoicing on the list and click on blue Settings button.

Enter your company’s name (1), address (2), and – optionally – upload your logo (3), which will be visible on issued invoices (3).

You can also – optionally – enter PayPal email address if you wish to grant your recipients the ability to pay for invoices through this service (4).

Note that you can also manage your taxes in the right panel of this page (5) – they’ll be available for you to choose from while creating invoices.


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