Jira’s aim is it to help the company with tasks like teams planning, building and launching products. The main reason they choose it is that Jira detects and assorts issues. It also assigns work and follow members’ activity so that they get their job done more effectively.

Jira integration with TimeCamp gives you the opportunity to asses time for projects and issues you are working on. In TimeCamp you can define unique keywords to your Jira tasks so TimeCamp can automatically switch between them, when keywords will occur in window’s title.


Note: to enable the integration you’ll need administrator’s privileges. To start the integration login to your TimeCamp account go to the Settings (1). Navigate to the Addons bookmark (2).



Find Jira on the list of available addons and click on “Enable” button.



Enter your Jira URL address. We’ll need the whole address, along with ‘http://’ prefix. If you have troubles remembering it, simply login to your Jira account (preferably in another bookmark in your web browser).


Enter credentials you use to login to your Jira account and click on the green “Enable the integration” button.



Optionally, you can decide if you wish your time entires to be automatically exported to Jira.



TimeCamp will automatically import all your projects and tasks. From now on you will be able to track the time spent on each assignment. Go to Project Management page. Note that all imported items are already there, under the main project simply called “Jira”. You can now track time using TimeCamp’s timesheets, or using our mobile or desktop applications.


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