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TimeCamp offers a rich Jira integration, allowing you to track time on your stories, bugs and other programming stuff.

As of July 2018, we’ve added an option to track time to tasks within Jira.


You can find our “Timecamp Time Tracking” application on the Jira marketplace. Simply search for ‘timecamp’ and click on the results. You can also use this direct link.

Jira integration search

Next, click on the yellow Get app button.

Jira marketplace


Click Get it now button.

TimeCamp integration setup


After the installation is completed, you can navigate to your desired Story to start tracking time. While using it for the first time, you might need to run some additional configuration.
Open the item you wish to track time on and click on the Open Timecamp Time Tracking link.

Jira time tracker

If you’re not logged into your TimeCamp account on, you’ll be asked to do so. Click on the Sign in to TimeCamp button.

Sig in button

Jira will automatically connect to the account you’re logged in on
If you haven’t created the integration within TimeCamp yet, you’ll be asked to do so at this point. This will open a popup window asking you to provide your Jira credentials.
Finish the process by clicking on the Enable the integration button.

Jira integration configuration


Once the installation is completed and the integration enabled, you’ll be able to add time to a task manually (1) or start a timer (2) from within Jira.

Jira timer

Your Jira plugin and TimeCamp timesheets will synchronize in a real time.


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