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The full list of +100 plugin integrations

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Below you will find the list of platforms that are supported by our Chrome Plugin and Microsoft Edge Plugin. Click on the bold names to learn more about the plugins and their usability!

 Airtable  Freedcamp  Newsletter2go  Sprintly
 AxoSoft  FreshRelease  Notion  Teamleader
 Backlog  FreshService  Odoo  Testrail
 BitBucket  Gemini  OnlyOffice  TickTick
 Bitrix24  Getflow  OnShape  ToddleDo
 BrokerEngine  Ginkoapp  OpenProject  Toggl Plan
 BugHerd  Gogs  osTicket  Trac
 Bugzilla  Google Classroom  Overv  Turtle
 Cerb  Google Docs  Pagerduty  Unfuddle
 CloudesMe  Google Inbox  Phabricator  Usepixie
 Clubhouse  Google Keep  Pipedrive  VersionOne (
 Coda  Google Mail  Pipefy  VisualStudio
 Codeable  GQueues  Placker  VivifyScrum  Groupnwork  Planbox  Waffle
 Corgee  Habitica  Produck  Wikipedia  Heflo  Protonmail  Wordpress  Hubspot  ProWorkflow  Workast
 Dobambam  Husky Marketing Planner  Redbooth  Workflowy
 DokuWiki  Infinity  Redmine  Workfront
 Draftin  Kanbanery  Rememberthemilk  Worksection
 Drupal  Kanbanist  Reviewboard  YouTrack
 Dynamics 365  Kantree  Rindle  Zammad
 eProjectMe  KhanAcademy  Rollbar  ZenHub  Liquid Planner  Scoro  Zenkit
 Feedly  LiveAgent  Scrapbox  Zoho Books
 Fibery  MantisHub  SherpaDesk  Zube
 Figma  Manuscript  SifterApp
 Flow  Microsoft Outlook  Smartboard
 Focuster  MiniCRM  Sourcelair
 Fogbugz  Nela  Spidergap

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