Meistertask integration

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Now you can integrate TimeCamp with Meistertask with just a few clicks.

This integration adds ability to log hours against projects, lists and tasks. Tracking time can help for example accurately invoice your customers, or estimate profitability of the project.

To activate this integration you’ll require TimeCamp administrator privileges.


Login to your TimeCamp account and navigate to Settings.

Select the Integrations bookmark and find Meistertask on the list. Click on the “Enable” button.

Next you will have to click on link showed below:

You’ll be redirected to Mindmeister site (it would be a good idea to be logged into Mistertask already).

a) Open Meistertask and go to “My Account”


b) Go to Integrations section (Under MindMeister)

Generate Personal access tokens (Check only “meistertask.readonly – Read only access to your MeisterTask projects and tasks”)


Enter your Personal access token in the field below and click “Enable integration”


Your integration is almost completed! Select your Projects to be synchronized and click “Save”.





That’s it!  Your projects have been imported from Meistertask and you can choose them from Timesheet level.

Check our integration page – Meistertask

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