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TimeCamp in mobile version allows user to automatically track time to specific projects – existing or new ones and manually modify time entries.


To get mobile version, go to Google Store on your smartphone with Android system and type in search engine “TimeCamp Time Tracker” or visit direct url (1). Choose it from the list (2) and click on the green “Install” button (3).

Accept the terms (4). After app finishes to install on your mobile, login with your TimeCamp credentials (5). You can start tracking time to specific projects (6) or create entries manually (7). Timesheet is synchronized with web version automatically (8). Note: TimeCamp app will synchronize with your web account every 15 minutes, but it can be changed in app’s settings on your mobile (9).



Installing mobile app on your iPhone is very familiar to installing it on Android-based machines.
Go to iStore and search for TimeCamp. Install the app and open it. Login with received TimeCamp credentials (1). Go to app’s Settings and force synchronization (2). Click on the green Add time entry button at the bottom of your screen (3). Select task you want to assign time to (4). That’s it!



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