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Our software is created to serve for both small and big companies. Our servers are powerful enough to be able to generate long term, complex reports for companies with houndreds of employees.

However we do have a local version of our system available for bigger companies, who would like to administrate server on their own or whose inner privacy policies do not allow data to be sent to servers outside of the company.

Please note that local version is licensed differently. To receive details contact us.

Recommended system requirements are as described below:

No. of users Processor RAM memory
30-70 2-core 3GB
70-150 2-core 4GB
150-400 4-core 4GB
400+ 4-core 8GB

Required technologies are:
– Apache http server with PHP installed
– MySQL in version 5.5 or above

We can integrate our system with Active Directory so that users would use their domain account credentials to log into TimeCamp reports. We can also copy the organizational structure from AD. TimeCamp installers come as MSI packages.

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