Google calendar integration

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Google Calendar integration allows you to import your calendar events as time entries directly to your timesheet.

Unlike any other TimeCamp integration, this one does not require administrator privileges and can be enabled by any user on their own. This integration is not included in the Free plan integration limit.



Create the personal integration

Linking your calendar to the TimeCamp account is really simple and does not require many steps.

Start by getting to My profile – it’s in the upper-right corner. The User settings view will show.


Go to the bottom of the page and just below the email notification settings section you will see a green button that enables the integration – click on it, please.


Then you will be transferred to the window in which you will need to choose the email address of the Google account calendar you want to link to your account or login if you are not logged to any account.



After that, confirm your choices and press the blue “Continue” button in the lower-right corner. You will be redirected to your TimeCamp account page, to the settings of the integration. There you can choose the number of days from the past and to the future which you’d like to import to your timesheet on an ongoing basis.

Then save the changes and your integration is ready.



Where are my events?

The events from your calendar will be shown on your timesheet at the time you have selected in your calendar. They will be automatically synchronized to the timesheet with a frequency of approximately every hour. The name of the event will be visible in the note. Take a look at this example, please!



And how this day will look like in your timesheet –


We also prepared the scenario if you want to automize the process of assigning meetings to specific projects. Simply use the meeting/event name as a keyword in the project. This way once we import this particular event it will get automatically assigned to the chosen project. You can find out how to assign keywords here.

This new option is easy and convenient for teams and allows you to change the calendar settings on your own. In case of any difficulties, please keep in mind that our Support Team is always more than happy to help you!

With TimeCamp Google Calendar time tracking is easy!


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