Project Colors

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For a more transparent view, you can set up colors for your every project. This will allow you to visualize your time, especially on the Weekly Timesheet view.


Assigning a color


You can assign a color in two different ways.

1) Projects section

The first way is to set up colors by editing a Project. You can see that each project has a different color, assigned by default while it’s being created.

Click on Task’s Settings (1) and select the Change color option (2). Choose a color (3) which you want to use for your project.

If you have Administrator’s permissions, you can set a color for the project for everyone in your team. Users will still be able to set their own pallette, but the default colors will change to the one you’d select as an administrator. User (only for his account) and Administrator (for everyone) can also set a color for all subtasks.

2) Weekly Timesheet

Time entries will be represented on the Weekly Timesheet with the color you’ve assigned to a Project. You can also adjust colors directly on this view. To do that, click on a box representing your time entry (1). This will open an edition panel. Click on the color dot (2) and choose your preferred color (3).

Color representation

By assigning colors to your tasks you can make the Weekly Timesheet view transparent and easy to manage.

Colors will also let you easily identify your work on the Daily Timesheet view as well. They’ll be displayed in a column located on the left side of the task you’ve selected for your entries.

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