In TimeCamp, projects are basically groups of tasks. From technical point of view, there are not many differences between projects and tasks, so we can also call them “level 1 tasks”. For example, you can create a project named after your client, to which you will later add multiple subtasks convering your business relations.

Difference between projects and tasks

Projects contain lists of tasks. Use a project for a larger goal and a task for an action someone in your team needs to take in order to achieve that goal.

You can create, edit and delete/archive tasks on the Project Management page.

To create a task simply enter it’s name in the top bar. Optionally, it you’d like this task to be a subtask of other project, select the one with the pin button on the right side.


When done with creating a task, it will automatically appear on the task list. Click on the name of your task to edit it.

In the edit panel you can add keywords for automatic time tracking (1), give people an access to the task with different privileges (2), set time budget and hourly cost for this task and make this task billable (3), if you intend to issue an invoice based on data gathered in your task.


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