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Removing computer activities

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Please remember that to do that you might need an administrator’s privileges!

There are two ways to remove computer activities from TimeCamp.

First of them allows you to delete individual entries. You can remove them by time by going to Computer Time report.

Select the “Computer Time” (1) and move to “Dashboard” (2).

 After that, you’ll need to set timeframe to one day. The Dashboard will turn into hourly view. You can see detailed information about gathered activities by clicking on a bar representing specific hour on a chart.


In the hourly view, you can mark each entry in the right column and Delete it on the bottom of the page.

Second way allows you to remove all data of the activity in the selected time period for the specific user.

To do that you have to go to “Computer Time” (1) and click on “Activities”(2)

For example: If you would like to remove YouTube from your today’s activities select from the drop-down list.

On the next view just click: Delete all youtube data. That’s it!


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