TimeCamp reporting module allows you to generate summaries from data gathered in our system.

We present you with multiple types of reports, which availability varies depending on plan you’re using and features you’ve enabled.

The core of TimeCamp is to help measure time spent on projects. You can add time in multiple ways – using web timesheets, mobile apps, desktop app or Google Chrome plugin. Time assigned to tasks can be reported in many ways, depending on your needs. To generate specific report, select one of options available in “Reports” drop-down menu in top bar of your TimeCamp Dashboard.


One of features available while using desktop application is to gather computer activity data. TimeCamp measures time spent by you and your employees on applications or websites and allows you to generate multiple reports and automatically account efficiency level of your work.

To choose from range of available reports hover your mouse over “Computer Time” label in top bar of your TimeCamp Dashboard.


To understand reports better, we’ve described them one by one with specific examples. Please note that availability of reports might vary based on plan your account is on and addons you’ve enabled.

Time tracking reportsComputer time reports
By projects, tasks (summary)Dashboard
By projects, tasks, peopleAway Time
By tasks, people, daysActivities
By time entries (detailed)Categories
By daysTimetable
Billable, unbillable, invoiced ²Goals
Project budget ¹ ²Efficiency
By projects, peopleUsers statistics ³
Dashboard ³Attendance
Costs calculation ²
Income calculation ²
Custom table

¹ – available in basic plan
² – available in pro plan with Invoicing/Billing addon enabled
³ – available only for administrators

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