Setting up a subscription

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To start using TimeCamp you don’t need to pay the subscription immediately. You can try it first for 14 days signing up for the free trial.

To do this enter: // type your email address and hit “Sign up for free”

Fill up a short form, setting a password for your TimeCamp account. Give additional information if needed and click “Save Settings”.

After a couple of seconds, you will be redirected to your TimeCamp account. For 14 days you will be able to measure and analyze the time spent on the projects and checking all TimeCamp’s features. More information can be found in Getting started section.

What happens after 14 days? Your account will be automatically blocked. The moment you will try to log in to it TimeCamp will ask you to sign for a paid subscription. It costs $6 per seat per month. You decide how many people will use TimeCamp in your company.

After you proceed with a payment, your account will be activated again so you can track your time.

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