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Tags allow you to add another dimension for your time tracking reporting needs. This add-on lets you create Tag Lists and assign Tags to your time entries. Later you can generate reports and filter your results based on specific tag lists or tags. Tag Lists and Tags can be created by the administrators of the group.

Important: The Tags feature is currently in the Beta phase, meaning that it’s not 100% stable feature. Any feedback will be appreciated!

Popular usage scenarios for Tags

1. Using Tags as Clients – you can name your Tags after clients and while tracking your time and selecting a project, assign a specific Client to time you have tracked. This will allow you to not only group your time by projects but by clients as well.

2. Using Tag Lists as Tasks template – in case you’d like to use the same set of subtasks to any project you work on, instead of manually creating subtasks within each project you can set up a Tag List with subtasks as Tags. Such a list can easily be updated later on in case you’d decide to add or remove some elements from it.

3. Labels / Categories – in case you need to label your time in any way, now you can use Tags to accomplish this goal. Your needs determine what you’d use labels for. For example, you can now Tag your overtime work or divide your time tracking into personal and professional tags. Any way you’d like to divide your time – you can now do this.

Feature Activation

To activate the Tags add-on navigate to Settings > Add-ons and find Tags within the Modules section. Click on the Enable button to enable this module. Please note that Administrator permissions are required to activate/deactivate modules.

Upon the activation, you’ll be redirected to add-on’s Settings.

Managing your Tags

To create your first Tag List click on the “Add tag list” button (1), enter your list’s name (2), and confirm your action by clicking on the “Add” button (3).

Once you create your Tag List you can assign Tags to it by clicking on the “+” button (1).
Enter your Tag’s name (2) and finish the process by clicking on the “Add” (3) button.

Archiving your Tags

In case you do not need a specific Tag List or Tag, you can archive it at any time (1).
Archiving Tags will not remove time tracked to them from the system.
You can also reactivate them at any time if necessary. To do so toggle your view to show archived tags (2) and restore it with a proper button (3).

Assigning Tags to Groups of Users

By default, any Tag List and Tag you’ll create will be available to all your users to track time on.
You can, however, limit specific Tag List’s or Tag’s availability according to your needs.

To assign desired elements to users, click on the gearwheel icon next to Tag List or Tag.

Using Tags for Tracking Time

You can assign Tags to your time entries directly on your Timesheet.
Select a task you’re working on (1). Then, you’ll be able to “Select tag” (2).
You can select multiple tags from various tag lists (3).
Finish by clicking on the “Apply” button (4).

Tags can also be selected on the Weekly Timesheet as well.

To use Tags within our Desktop application, make sure you’ve updated it to the newest version available for download.

Reporting your time

You can filter any report by your Tag Lists or Tags. To adjust your results, click on the “Tags” filter.

For the best experience, we suggest using the Custom type of report, where you can choose Tag Lists and Tags as one of the available dimensions to create a report you’re exactly looking for.

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