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Time Away From Computer (Idle time)

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TimeCamp allows users the opportunity to account for time spent away from computer. If a break from active work on a digital assignment takes too long, The application will ask users about their offline activity.

As the owner of this program, you can set a timer that automatically starts when an employee is idle for too long. Once that timer counts down to zero, the system will automatically send an inquiry to the user in question to ask about the idle or offline activity.

To set up this function, go to your settings (1), then click the Add-ons tab (2). Lastly, go to the Desktop App box and click on SETTINGS (3).

Now that you’re in the right place, it’s time to set that timer. Find the box marked Choose away time activity after and check it (1). A drop-down menu will become enabled after you do. Open the drop-down menu and select the time you want the system to wait before asking your employees about their time away from the computer. As the administrator of the program, you can also list and define various acceptable activities for your employees to list to explain the time they spent away from the system (2).

When you’ve finished that stage, the next step is to select the amount of idle time you allow the computer to maintain before the app stops tracking time (3). This is a handy feature for the occasional employee who forgets to sign out of the system after a long day’s work.

Tracking time away from the computer is directly connected to the idle time feature. With your timers set, the application will now record the time spent away from the computer the moment the system reads as idle. When this happens, the application’s icon will become gray. As we mentioned above, you can set the timer for how long the system can run in idle before it automatically inquires about the offline activity. For example, if the idle time is set for two minutes, and the time away from the computer to five, then in practice, the inquiry window should pop up exactly seven minutes from the last sign of activity (work on the keyboard or mouse movement). Our current version of TimeCamp allows a two-minute window before going into idle mode.

Breaks in your work may also be filled in manually via the reports tab. Just click the Reports tab in the middle of the bar at the top of your page, then click on the time segments marked Away time. Once you’ve selected the segment you wish to account for, a drop-down menu will open with the list of defined acceptable away activities for you to choose from and apply.

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