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TimeCamp New Design (2019)

1213 views 10 July 2019 19

On May 21st, TimeCamp has been completely refreshed to provide users with a modern, transparent and more accessible layout.

Please note that the new design is being released in phases. Not all users registered after May 21st may instantly have access to the new design. On July 22nd, a new design will be available for all users.

Users registered before May 21st have the ability to check the new design out. Account owners can change the interface for all users to work on the new design in the Help section of the main menu. This option will be disabled on 22nd July.

Such a switch can be reverted at any time in the Help section.

We will be very thankful to all of you who will decide to left feedback regarding TimeCamp’s redesign. Don’t hesitate to write to our support team with suggestions on TimeCamp’s development. We will read all of them and plan our future operations and updates taking them into account.

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