Toggl integration

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Toggl is a time tracker. You can generate reports, supervise dashboard and create the projects.


If you want to  create the integration you should have administartor priviligies.

To enable the integration login to your TimeCamp account, go to the Settings (1). Move to the Integrations (2) bookmark.



Now find Toggl on the list of addons, and just click “Enable” button.


Login to Toggl, click into your user’s settings (1) and copy the API token (2) to TimeCamp (3), next click “Enable integration” (4).



Select Workspaces to be synchronized. You can also invite your co-workers.

You should know that TimeCamp  do  the synchronization only one time, it implements the structure of projects only once. Also importing your entries is depended of your plan in Toggl.

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