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Unassigned computer activities

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If you have desktop application installed and you’re tracking time spent on the computer, you’ll find an additional entry in your timesheets called “unassigned computer activities”.

This entry contains time gathered by the application but not yet assigned to any task.

After expanding it you’ll be able to move data from a specific timeframe to desired task or project. There is only one condition, though. You need to make sure, that the “Synchronize timeframe with duration when editing time entry” feature is disabled. You will find this in the right upper corner of your timesheet.


You can also use the drag and drop method:


Unassigned computer time appears on your timesheet automatically. It does not count into the sum of time collected for a specific day in your timesheets and it’s not removable from that level.

You can remove this time by going to Computer Time report. You’ll need administrator’s privileges to be able to do that.

Select the “Reports” option from the left menu (1). Next, from the Computer Time bookmark select “Dashboard” (2).

After that, you’ll need to set timeframe to one day. The dashboard will turn into hourly view. You can see detailed information about gathered activities by clicking on a bar representing specific hour on a chart.

In the hourly view, you can mark each entry in the right column and Delete it on the bottom of the page.

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