In order to set vacation hours first you need to enable attendance panel. Keep in mind that you will need administrator access rights to configure this mode. After completing this step simply go to settings-> Add-ons -> Attendance and set suitable values for vacation hours. This field allows you to assign the maximum number of hours that users can spend on vacations.

Bear in mind that this is a global setting, and implicated amount of hours apply to entire year timeframe. Field underneath on the other hand is devoted to selecting a task that will allow you to use a Timesheet as a vacation hours activator. After selecting it as a Time Entry, TimeCamp automatically will assign this to your vacation hours.

If you want to create an exception for certain users, you need to go to their profile settings and assign personal vacation hours amount to them, which would override globl setting. To specify maximum number of vacation hours per year for a certain user:

You need to go to settings > users > and choose the right profile for which you want to set this setting independently from global one.

From the user’s perspective you can easily inform your administrator about your vacation leave, simply by going to Attendance module and selecting a right day type. Afterwards fill the boxes with your destined number of hours for a chosen day and vacation hours that you want to use in that period. Last step is reserved for your employer so he can approve your changes.


You can also create a time entry and assign it to your vacation task. This way you can simply set your vacation hours, without leaving Timesheet.

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