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Zoho CRM integration

79 views 15 July 2019 0

With using Zoho CRM you can manage your sale, engage your customers across e-mail, telephone and all channels.

Integration with Zoho CRM  gives you the possibility to improve efficiency and track time-consumption spending on your sales-related activities.

To enable this integration you’ll need administrator’s priviliges.


Login to your TimeCamp account and navigate to Settings.

Select the Add-ons bookmark and find Zoho CRM on the list. Click on the “Enable” button.

Next choose your account region and click on the “Enable integration” button.

You’ll be redirected to Zoho CRM site. Log into the account.

After that, click “Accept” to allow TimeCamp to access data in your Zoho account.

Select your channels to be synchronized and click “Save”.

That’s it! Your channels have been imported from Zoho CRM and you can choose them from Timesheet level.


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