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We have gathered all the important information about time tracking software. We wanted to compare their most important features and functionalities with those offered by TimeCamp, to present in an accessible way what we have that others lack.

TimeCamp timecamp adding time manually
Adding Time Manually timecamp adding time manually timecamp computer usage tracking
Computer Usage Tracking timecamp computer usage tracking timecamp invoicing
Invoicing timecamp invoicing timecamp project dashboard
Project Dashboard timecamp project dashboard timecamp reports
Reports timecamp reports timecamp timeline
Timeline timecamp timeline timecamp integrations
Integrations timecamp integrations timecamp time formats
Time formats timecamp time formats timecamp tasks (sub-projects)
Tasks (sub-projects) timecamp tasks (sub-projects) timecamp autotracker
Autotracker timecamp autotracker timecamp budgeting
Budgeting timecamp budgeting timecamp calculating income
Calculating Income timecamp calculating income timecamp goals
Goals timecamp goals timecamp keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts timecamp keyboard shortcuts timecamp offiline time tracking
Offline Time Tracking timecamp offiline time tracking timecamp one-click-time-tracking
One-click Time Tracking timecamp one-click-time-tracking timecamp tags
Tags timecamp tags timecamp unlimited projects and clients
Unlimited Projects and Clients timecamp unlimited projects and clients timecamp screenshots
Screenshots timecamp screenshots
SOLO - Free for a single user
BASIC - $5.25/user/month
PRO - $7.50/user/month
PLATINUM - 99 €/month
DIAMOND - 59 €/month
GOLD - 39 €/month
SILVER - 19 €/month

Planio is a Redmine-based bug tracker. Managing software projects can be done through the use of Agile methodologies, for instance, Scrum. One has the opportunity to respond to customer support tickets using the CRM tool. Linking to issues in found by Planio is possible thanks to tight integration with GIT or SVN. The program allows big projects to be broken down into smaller parts. It also enables one to track their progress. The preview of one’s current status is possible thanks to Gantt charts and Roadmaps.

As you can see, TimeCamp has a number of assets that even such well-developed software as does not offer. Additional features may prove to be groundbreaking in the management of any business. Do not hesitate, and try TimeCamp, it is totally free!

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