Time Management tools

We’re living in time of many distractions, even in our daily routine. Beating procrastination is almost a challenge, especially when people have so much to do in one day, they feel overhelmed by large number of duties. But there is a simple solution to stay organized everyday, to deal with every single important task: using time management software which is a planner and timer in one tool. It helps to keep activities in a right order, so as to don’t forget about anything.

Choose the one that fully reaches your expectations.

Here are the most easy-to use and intuitive time management tools that will put you in control. Using one of these regularly will help to know how valuable is daily time and how to spend it in an orderly way. Create to-do lists, mark tasks as most and less important, manage time more efficiently. Depends on each one, various version are avaiable – mobile for iOS and Android, Desktop for Windows, Mac and sometimes Linux, there is also browser extension usually.

NameDescriptionPricingOperating systemWeb
MyLifeOrganizedMyLifeOrganized is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and intuitive to-do-list, task manager and outliner. Designed to strike a balance between the simple and the complex, MyLifeOrganized succeeds where competitors have failed. Using an unlimited task hierarchy and the ability to focus on subsections, MyLifeOrganized allows you to build a task management system to suit your needs. Free/Upgrade to PRO avaiable (costs depend on version)Android, iOS, Windows, Machttp://mylifeorganized.net/
Focus BoosterBased on the pomodoro technique, focus booster will empower you to maintain focus and manage distractions. Stay focused and fresh to get more done. Sessions are automatically recorded in your timesheets so you no longer have the headache of trying to recall where your time went.Free for 15 days/2.99$ per month, 29.99$ per yearWindows, Mac (no mobile devices)https://focusboosterapp.com/download
30/30You have never experienced a task manager like this The gesture-based interface is completely free of clutter. Fully customizable task list: label, time, icon and color. iCloud sync, multiple lists and virtually unlimited number of tasks. Options let you control how you are notified.FreeiOShttp://3030.binaryhammer.com/
Any.doAny.do Moment is a quick and playful experience that helps you plan your day every morning. Quick and simple, Moment ensures you get off to a more productive start.ith the Any.do web app you can easily sync your tasks from your mobile to your home computer. Our extension is also available for Chrome users and allows a quick shortcut to manage your tasks right from the browser.Free/Upgrade to PRO avaiable (2.99$ per month, 26.99$ per year)Android, iOS, Windowshttp://any.do/
ListaticListastic is a shared to-do & task list app to help keep life in a little more order. Whether it's keeping a running Grocery list with your significant other, collaborating on key project goals with a team of colleagues, or sharing birthday gift ideas with your friends and family, Listastic is up for the task.Mac - 9.99$, iPhone/iPad - 2.99$iOS, Machttp://mcleanmobile.com/Listastic/
2do2Do was designed to meet your need for speed. Quickly enter your thoughts and ideas before you forget. Quick Add on iOS allows you to enter multiple tasks in a matter of seconds. Quick Entry on Mac, on the other hand, is a full-fledged task editor accessible from anywhere and at any time, including when 2Do isn’t running.Paid - 49.99$iOS, Mac, Androidhttp://2doapp.com/
FinishWith Finish, time is an elastic concept. Your tasks slide up through timeframes as time elapses. Once you’ve added a task, Finish keeps track of how much time has elapsed, and auto-manages your tasks by sliding them into the proper timeframes and sending optional notifications.FreeiOShttp://getfinish.com/
FathmThe timeline is where you track what you do through the day. With a few basic steps you will soon be slicing it into segments which you tag to reflect your changing activities.FreeiOShttp://fathmapp.com/
TimeTuneTimeTune lays emphasis on improving your daily routine so that you can squeeze every available minute and do everything in your schedule. It gives you great power and flexibility to manage your time exactly the way you need.FreeAndroidhttp://timetune.center/
A Time LoggerStart tracking an activity with a single tap! Simply opening the app and tap on the appropriate activity type icon. When you wish to stop or pause the activity, tap on the stop or pause icon. Review your activities day by day and see how your productivity improves.FreeiOS, Androidhttp://atimelogger.com/
Easy HoursEasy Hours is the best way for time tracking just by having your phone or tablet. Time entries can now span multiple days. Easy Hours will no longer automatically stop the clock at midnight. Time entries will always count against the day they start.Paid - 3.99$iOS, Androidhttp://easyhours.30xi.com/
ATrackerATracker creates beautiful reports in pie chart and bar chart which you can share via Facebook, Twitter and email. ATracker renders the daily time spending in both list and calendar view. You can tap the task entry to modify it or to convert iCal entry to ATracker entry. You can also compare the iCal planned activity with actual time usage.Free - Lite Version, Paid - 4.99$iOShttp://wonderapps.se/atracker/
Eternity Define your activities in any hierarchy you like, run multiple timers with quick access to the current timers, favorites and recents. Review and adjust your logs in two modes: standard table or zoomable, calendar-like TouchLog. Analyze detailed, hierarchical reports with advanced filters. Navigate through your data in full screen, interactive pie charts.FreeiOShttp://komorian.com/eternity.html
TimelySchedule your hours, and you'll spend no time tracking them. You're already planning – whether it's weekly, daily, or even just a few hours ahead. Move your schedule to Timely, and you will be logging hours simultaneously.Free or Paid - 14$iOS, Webhttps://timelyapp.com/
MyMinutesSet the minimum or maximum amount of time you want to put into a task. Spend 'at least' 1 hour getting exercise, or 'at most' 30 minutes checking e-mail. Set the days on which your task repeats, and My Minutes will only remind you about it then. Get a notification that tells you what you need to get done at the start of your day.Paid - 2.99iOShttp://myminutesapp.com/
SomeTimeSometime Time Tracking. Because sometimes you just have to (track time).Paid - 0.99$iOShttp://sometimeapp.com/
Time EditionWith timeEdition you can see detailed documentation of your working hours. Be it for a billing of a client, or tracking the efficiency of a project. timeEdition puts great emphasis on ease of use. The user first sees only the functions that are needed for daily time tracking: Start and Stop recording of work time, work time elapsed, customer, project and task.FreeMac, Windows, iOS, Androidhttp://timeedition.com/index.html
TimePantherTimePanther is the simple, free, powerful, organized way to track your time. Easily track time directly from your web browser with a single click. Time keeping has never been easier. Organize your timers by project and your projects by client. Easily reorder your projects and timers with the natural drag-and-drop interface.FreeWebhttp://timepanther.com
SlifeThe Web & Documents view allows you to see how much time you've spent on individual documents and web pages. You can visualize stats by day, week, month or year. With Slife Web, you can create categories for your activities, such as "Reading news" or "Doing research", and designate applications and documents as part of these categories. n addition to observing your activities automatically, the client allows you to post notes to your Slife Web account. FreeWeb, Windows, Machttp://slifelabs.com/
NutcacheLet your members log their hours on projects and bill your clients accordingly. Use our mobile time logging app to log hours anywhere.Free, Paid Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Androidhttp://nutcache.com
WimbleTime management is challenging. This is why we need something different - something that could motivate us forward and help us to finish all the tasks. Here is where Wimble steps in. Communicate and share tasks with your family, arrange meetings with your friends and share notes with your colleagues.FreeWindows Phone, iOS, Androidhttp://wimble.me