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  • January 23, 2018
  • by Jakub Szyszka
Project management tools

 Selling goods and services is not an easy way to make a living.

First of all, there are customers to deal with. Some of them are courteous, no matter they buy products or commodities are offered to them, especially in the last case. Even if they are not interested in the purchase, they would at least hear one out. But there are also individuals who attack with vulgarisms and gruffness.

Furthermore, what one tries to sell can pose problems. Such stock, or whatever else, may not be, for instance, of the greatest quality. However, work must be done if one wishes to earn money and a product/service sold.

Finally, responsibilities and tasks are a heavy burden. Sales managers tend to cope with them as well as they can, but still, those tend to give them sleepless nights.

The last instance is, luckily, something that doesn’t demand compromises and effort greater than it is worth it to make everybody satisfied. Here, numerous sales tools, software solutions, and apps for sales teams and sales management comes to one’s aid. Some of the most useful can be found below:


If Slack and Trello had a baby, it would be HeySpace. It’s one of the best tools for sales because of it’s functionalities and ease of use. HeySpace is a task management software with chat. It helps to communicate and collaborate with clients, and with other team members and departments. People can manage workflow and monitor the progress of works always up-to-date.

HeySpace allows your sales team to eliminate two or even three different tools – task management software, project management software, and communication software since it combines the key features of these three. No more switching between different apps! You have everything in one place, easy to access and easy to use.

Main features:

  • Workspaces – you can create different workspaces for different clients, teams or departments
  • Group and individual chat
  • Converting conversation into task
  • Adjustable tasks – you can set date, assign people to it, add tags, description, files, comment on it, add estimates, copy task
  • Calendar integration and Google docs attachments
  • Small features for your convenience: status, text editor, attaching files, mentions, history of changes
  • Notifications
  • Kanban board with tasks
  • Video calls
  • TimeCamp time tracking integration
  • Available as Web, mobile, and desktop app


  • Free – for up to 5 users
  • Premium – $5/user/month

HeySpace task management panel

Sounds interesting?

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OnContact CRM 7

This tool provides one’s company with the what it needs by supplying it with a flexible and efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. A view of customer information is comprehensive which enables one to communicate clearly and precisely with their customers. Thanks to the said app, all segments of one’s business, from customer service to sales, share crucial information needed to collaborate and provide directed communication.

Key features:

  • Over 75 Tailor-able Reports
  • Customer Service Incident Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Document Linking & Management
  • Sales and Project Milestone Tracking
  • Search Tools for Data Mining
  • 360 Degree CRM View
  • Email and Mail Merging



The solution injects data insights and sales communication tools into one’s existing email workspace. At the same time, it will remove barriers to productivity and empower sales teams to make smarter decisions, faster. Thanks to Yesware, one will spend less time manually uploading data into their CRM since the app will sync that automatically.

Key features:

  • Salesforce Task Management
  • Email Tracking
  • Reply Reporting
  • Contact Insights
  • Custom Templates
  • CRM Sync

Tutorials: 1, 2


The program is the CRM dedicated to independent agents and real estate agencies. If you are looking for is a simple, contacts-focused CRM, OnePageCRM if just for you. The idea behind this tool is the approach of a to-do list type, enabling the management of sales leads, where every contact has a Next Action to ensure one always follow-ups. OPC helps capture leads from Gmail, Outlook, Twitter as well as Facebook and create a contact in OnePageCRM in just one click. What is more, it supports one when it comes to managing deals, and it’s possible thanks to intuitive sales pipeline. It also grants one the possibility to map their sales route using Google maps. Finally, OPC is available via phone, chat, and email.

Key features:

  • Performance Reports
  • Native iOS & Android Mobile Next Action Sales™
  • OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper
  • Contact Management
  • GTD methodology
  • Custom Fields
  • Tags, Custom Filtering, Data Segmentation
  • Activity Tracking
  • Apps
  • Open API
  • Integration with Wufoo
  • Integration with Active Campaign
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Integration with Google Drive
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Integration with Calendars
  • Integration with Gmail
  • Integration with iCloud
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Integration with Skype
  • Integration with Dropbox




The app guarantees a faster, more effectual end-to-end forecasting process. Thanks to data science and CRM integration, the tool makes easier forecast collection and offers one astounding visibility. It enables managers and executives to quickly drill down into the forecast and see changes with real-time rollups from reps. What is more, because of iOS and Android apps, reps, managers, and executives can update and view their business, no matter time it is or where they are.

Key features:

  • Shared deal history
  • Automatic capture of selling activity
  • Sales forecasting
  • Configurable dashboard
  • Real-time status updates
  • Deal priority matrix
  • Opportunity management
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Instant messaging
  • Real-time reporting
  • Forecast Management
  • Update tracking
  • Salesforce integration
  • Automated push notifications
  • Activity tracking
  • Configurable milestones
  • Real-time rollups
  • Real-time forecasting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Collaboration tools
  • Rule-based, data-driven bot alerts
  • Message history timeline

About the app:



Are you eager to grow sales of your company? Choose Infusionsoft and save time. The solution will help you to get organized. A bewildering number of small businesses use this app. Infusionsoft is the only all-in-one automated sales and marketing software built exclusively for small businesses. Thanks to this tool, your company will become a strong competition to other similar solutions on the market. It will also enable you to organize all customers and prospects!

Key features:

  • Lead Scoring & Distribution
  • Quotes & Orders
  • Opportunity Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Built-in metadata and keyword fields
  • CRM
  • Drag and drop to craft and publish landing pages
  • Web Forms
  • Social Sharing
  • Easy Publishing, Landing Pages
  • Email marketing, Automated Campaigns
  • Multimedia marketing management
  • Marketing reports
  • Scoring tool.
  • Sales Reports
  • Multimedia Marketing
  • Referral Program Management
  • Track orders, sales totals, accounts receivables, etc
  • E-Commerce
  • Payment Processing

Tutorials | Tips and tricks


If you want to make a profit in the business of sales marketing, you need to get organized. And there is no better way to that than using software, the best examples of which are listed above.

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