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Smart timesheets

Whether you're a small team working on your dream product or a big, established business, you don't want to waste time manually filling out timesheets.

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Daily and weekly timesheet approvals

Easy to submit and approve. Any time.


Comments and feedback

Discuss current timesheets when necessary


Automatic approvals and reminders

To keep you focused on work, not on mundane tasks.


Lock the timesheets

Make sure that no data was changed after granting approval.

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Daily and weekly approvals

Approve your team's timesheets at any given period.

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Comments and feedback

If you spot an error or wrong time entry, you can reply with a comment to the employee's timesheet.

Automatic approvals and reminders

Automate the approval process or set up notifications when your team's timesheets require approval.

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Lock the timesheets

Once the timesheet is approved, it is locked. If the timesheet needs to be edited, only the manager can reopen it.


Types of timesheet


Approved timesheets


Approval rate

Why you should use smart timesheets:

Getting used to time tracking is hard. With the proper tools, your team will build a daily or weekly time tracking routine and remember to submit and approve their timesheets.

If the timesheet is approved, you can be sure that no data will be edited so you can run the payroll or bill the client. Reopen the timesheet only when it’s necessary.

If time entries need to be edited, the manager can send the comment to the employee or edit the time in an employees’ timesheet.

If you need, timesheets can be submitted and approved automatically.

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