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Sometimes you just need simple timers or productivity apps to keep track of your work time more efficiently. And especially when you want to set up a timer for some other every day activities. Something different from a simple alarm and countdown timer in your phone, but as effortless to use.

A simple online timer is a perfect way to get control of your tasks, without the need of installing some complicated software. Especially if you’re not convinced yet that it can help you.

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    Our free online task timer, one of the best timers on the market, is a basic time tracking tool that helps you track time spent on daily to-dos and organize your tasks. Whether you need a time tracker to boost productivity or track billable hours for your freelance business, try out our simple timer - it's a far better solution than using a stopwatch.

    Besides, if you’re a fan of the Pomodoro timer but the shouting of the tomato timer destroys your focus, try switching to a convenient, easy-to-use online timer. Set it up easily and work at your own pace. A simple work timer helps you organize your workflow according to your own needs, so you can avoid being distracted by a classic Pomodoro timer shouting every 20 minutes.

    Pomodoro technique tip

    Remember to take a short break between work sessions and a long break after you finish the cycle. In the end, sticking to the principles of the Pomodoro technique is a must to complete your project and tasks on time and in perfect focus.

    Last, but not least, our online task timer is entirely free and doesn't require installing any other tools. It's a web app that works on every browser, so you can track time spent at work or on personal activities on different devices. Moreover, you can pause it at any time and resume its activity once you're ready to go back to work after a short break.

    It is, for sure, an excellent app for tracking work week hours, but it also helps create a progress-driven workflow that stimulates daily productivity improvement.

    It couldn’t be easier than this: you simply name your task and start the timer with just one click. What’s most important is that you can set many timers simultaneously, e.g. if you're working on small groups of tasks for one client and another at the same time. When you want to take a break, you just stop the timer and start it again without any need to do a restart.

    However, if you're done working on certain tasks, you can reset the timers and start tracking hours for other assignments.

    A timer also works as a basic timesheet with time entries. Each running timer is a separate time entry - screenshot the data to get proof of work for your client.

    Our task timer is and will always be free to use.

    However, if you ever need a tool that offers more than a simple work timer, sign up for a free TimeCamp account and enjoy access to all the free and premium features for efficient time tracking and task management.

    Productivity timers, or online timers, can help you track minutes spent on many different tasks, but why would you actually want to do this with an app instead of with a stopwatch? Is a task timer good just at work? How does it affect daily time and task management? If you are not sure yet if a task timer is a tool for you, check below the benefits a simple time-tracking app may offer for you and your business.

    Online task timer may seem a trivial tool, but you can already see that’s something more. If you’re not sure yet, let’s take a look at the potential benefits of tracking the time of your tasks both in your personal life and at work:

    • it helps introduce your team to best practices for time and task management,
    • knowing how much time it usually takes to complete certain tasks helps manage projects more efficiently,
    • it allows keeping track time for many tasks from your to-do list at the same moment,
    • knowing how much time you spend on each task, you can learn how to manage your workday/casual day,
    • if you are a freelancer and your customers pay you per hour, you can precisely control how much time you’ve already spent on each of the clients,
    • if you struggle with completing a certain project or a group of tasks, a task timer will remind you to control the time you spend on it,
    • timers track time with just one click and way more accurately than a stopwatch, improving your focus and saving you precious hours on a manual countdown,
    • a web timer app shows you clearly you have worked too many hours on the same task, encouraging you to take short breaks between the tasks.
    • Use timer apps to create a personal and work time routine based on a healthy work-break balance.

    If you already feel this little excitement, our task timer may not be enough for you (even if it’s awesome). Don’t worry; there is much more we can do for you when it comes to managing your life and career.

    If you want to get real control over your tasks, TimeCamp is the perfect solution for you. It will not just help you in organizing your own workday. It’s not just a timer anymore. TimeCamp is a complex time and task management tool that saves your time, helps you organize your whole team’s work, and supports you, your managers, and the HR department. And, even if it’s complex, it’s not complicated!

    Core features of TimeCamp

    • High availability: set an automatic web timer, fill timesheets manually, download a desktop app, and track time alongside your and your team's activity, log work hours with mobile apps, install a browser plugin or let your employees clock in and out with a Time Clock Kiosk,
    • Time reporting: create rich-data time reports to monitor project progress, resource usage, and employees' productivity,
    • Budgeting: prepare more accurate project estimations,
    • Invoicing: track billable hours and invoice every client based on how much time your team members spend on their projects,
    • Attendance: track and manage the attendance of your team members,
    • Time off: register breaks to make sure the employees are not overworking themselves,
    • Integrations: implement an integration with project management software and Google Calendar to plan work based on employees' availability,
    • Expenses: create a clear list of expenses and know where the project resources go.

    And what’s best, you can use it 100% for free or choose from several options of affordable paid plans.

    If you’re a freelancer, the TimeCamp app is your answer for “how to prove to my customers how many hours I work for them and charge them for it?”. With us, you can simply show it. Set up the timer, collect your data, export it, and send it to your clients as a file or handy link.

    Trust TimeCamp and check how your team can grow much faster and easier than ever before.

    Stop losing your day: get control of your tasks and life and start succeeding!

    If you're already exploring tools to help manage your time and focus on your projects, you might be familiar with the Pomodoro Technique. Our Pomodoro Timer takes this proven method to the next level, offering a simple yet powerful app to track your work sessions. Unlike other apps, our timer allows for custom times, enabling you to tailor your focus sessions and breaks to what works best for you and your team.

    Whether you're working on a single project or juggling multiple projects, the ability to customize countdowns ensures you can adapt the technique to your needs. This flexibility makes it a perfect fit not just for individual tasks but also for collaborative efforts, helping your team stay on track and maintain productivity.

    Beyond just a countdown like other apps, our app integrates with other aspects of your workflow, allowing you to track progress on various projects and even switch focus between different tasks as needed. It's not just about working on projects; our Pomodoro Timer is designed to enhance your overall time management strategy, enabling you to allocate time for other things that matter in your life.

    So, why not give our Pomodoro Technique a try? It's more than just an app; it's a companion for your journey towards greater productivity and focus.