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How can you benefit from Jira integration

When you configure our integration, it provides insights into how much time your team is spending on different projects.

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Don't ever waste any billable minute. Ensure that your projects are profitable.


Report time better thanks to data logged by the plugin.


Improve project management and estimation with time tracking details.


Easily synchronize changes made in Jira and automatically create invoices.


Don't create multiple identical structures, when you can quickly import them.


Log the time spent on assignments without getting distracted.


Explore our features and discover the full potential of TimeCamp integration

Activity tracking

Follow the time spent on a task if one person is working on different projects within the same time frame.

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Manage projects

Determine income and expenses effortlessly and instantly check profitability in real time.

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Download reports

Bill your customers for time worked - specifically measured.

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Desktop App

The application is kept discreet and stays in the forefront of your attention, so you are assured of never failing to track your work time.

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TimeCamp and Jira integration

Jira is a web app designed to help teams manage their work and projects. Best known as a powerful work management tool, it helps companies plan, build, and launch products and services.

However, a project tracker needs a more advanced time tracker, like TimeCamp, for better project management and monitoring of tasks and costs. TimeCamp and Jira can be integrated for smooth and seamless time tracking.

Jira time tracking

Atlassian was initially developed as a bug and issue tracker but later became a project management tool. It has a native time tracker for project monitoring.

Its native tracker can track time in different ways, such as monitoring the working hours per day, week, or hour. Jira time tracking subtasks is another feature of its tracker.

However, you can change your time tracking provider that offers more features, not only time tracking. There are more advanced time trackers that offer more, such as TimeCamp.

TimeCamp offers automatic time tracking, productivity tracking, invoicing, billing, budgeting, attendance, reporting, and timesheet approvals. It is also available in Atlassian Marketplace, which means it is compatible with Jira.

How time tracking with Jira works

Time tracking with Jira works by integrating it with time tracking apps, such as TimeCamp.

Integrating Jira and TimeCamp will improve automatic time tracking when working even on simple tasks. You can also define unique keywords to let the TimeCamp time tracker automatically switch on and off when you work on a specific project.

Additionally, time tracking integration gives clear insights into how the team can effectively perform projects and meet deadlines with close monitoring and timely reports.

It does not limit your Jira experience because TimeCamp is in Jira. So, you can utilize TimeCamp's timesheets and mobile or desktop applications when you use Jira.

How to enable the TimeCamp and Jira time tracking integration

TimeCamp and Jira should be integrated to enable time tracking in Jira. Here are the seven steps in integrating these two apps:

Step 1: Log in to your TimeCamp account

Don't have a TimeCamp account? Register here and get a free 14-day trial. Note that you need administrator's privileges in Jira to enable TimeCamp's time tracking Jira integration.

Step 2: Find Jira on the list of available addons in settings

Go to Settings and find Jira in the list of available addons in the "Integrations" bookmark. Once you find Jira, click on the "Enable" button.

Step 3. Enter your Jira URL address

In entering your Jira URL address, you must also include the "https://" prefix. If you don't remember it, log in to your Jira account in another web browser bookmark. Then, copy your Jira URL.

Step 4: Log in to your Jira account

Enter your credentials to log in to your Jira account and its API token. Make sure to copy the visible characters to API token field. Click on the green "Enable the integration" button.

After enabling the integration, the filed API token will stay empty.

To get more information on API tokens in Jira, follow this link.

Step 5: Decide whether timesheets will be automatically exported to Jira

You can decide if you wish to automatically export your timesheets to Jira for automated time tracking in Jira. Remember that it is optional. If you enable this function, all your tracked time will be assigned to the Jira integration creator.

Step 6: TimeCamp will automatically import all your projects and tasks

Jira task time tracking and monitoring is now easy because TimeCamp will automatically import all your tasks and projects from Jira.

Step 7: Go to the Project Management page

On the Project Management page, you can see all the imported items under the main project called "Jira." You can easily track your time using TimeCamp's timesheets.

You can find our TimeCamp Time Tracking application on the Atlassian marketplace for Jira Cloud for easy Jira time tracking integration.

Alternatively, a Jira time tracking plugin is also available!

Benefits of Jira time tracking integration

There are many benefits to using Jira for time tracking. The benefits include:

Time log and productivity insights

With the integration, TimeCamp and Jira align time tracking easily. It helps major project monitoring and Jira subtask time tracking more effortlessly. It also lets you get productivity insights about your team and members with Jira time tracking per user.

It is now convenient to log in your time whenever you work on your tasks. You must toggle the timer on and off in the time tracking field. You can also opt to add time entries with tags and a billable option if you want.

Clear budgeting outlook

Time tracking in Jira also gives you a clear budgeting outlook of your projects. The Jira time tracking tool provides data and reports that let you see discrepancies in time and budget. You can use the reports to analyze project costs and monitor the team's resource usage.

Since time tracking in Jira provides reports and records of time and tasks, it gives you data on billable hours of you and your team members' time. It prevents going over or under the budget per project. Thus, Jira software time tracking is highly recommended.

Easy onboarding

You don't have to worry about onboarding employees anymore because TimeCamp is already in Jira. With Jira's simple time tracking process, you can easily log your work hours and monitor each task by just clicking the Start and Stop button of the TimeCamp app. So you can significantly save your time and money.

If you experience any issues, you can contact TimeCamp's support for quick assistance.

Time tracking reports

Time tracking report in Jira lets you see the progress of your current project, its budget, timeline, and overall productivity. Analyzing such reports can help you focus on the weaknesses, plan for improving productivity, and strategize on increasing profitability.

With Jira time tracking report by user, it lets you monitor your team members' productivity and work performance. You can easily pinpoint members who need help with a task, analyze each member's strengths and weaknesses, and see their idle times. Such a report can help craft training necessary for team improvement.

Free plan for unlimited users

One of the best benefits of Jira time tracking integration is the free plan for unlimited users. Because TimeCamp has Free Plan, it is a cost-effective option with many features. Plus, it allows unlimited users for unlimited client projects.

We also have premium plans with more features like billing rates, invoicing, permission management, etc. You can check the pricing of our premium plans here.

More features in the TimeCamp app

TimeCamp is not just a regular time tracker. It offers many valuable features for your Jira.

For instance, there are different ways of tracking time in Jira with TimeCamp. You can use a timer, manually add time, use a simple start and stop button on the TimeCamp app, or use the desktop app to track time in the background. Additionally, you can switch tasks effortlessly.

Other features include invoicing, reports, billing, and many more.