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A variety of time-tracking apps for high-performing teams, always in perfect sync

TimeCamp Track time, monitor attendance and get real-time progress stats on the go

What's cloud-based time tracking?

A cloud-based time tracking environment is a robust solution for companies looking for low-maintenance time record-keeping. TimeCamp hosts all the time tracking services for free or according to the plan the client purchases. Clients can also request to host the time tracker in their private cloud.

How to track work hours in the cloud?

Set up your TimeCamp time tracking account in a few simple steps, and see for yourself why thousands of companies worldwide use it to track work hours.

Step 1

Sign up for a free time tracking app account

Step 2

Set up the account preferences

Invite team members to the account and assign their roles to set up separate permission levels for the team account and each project. The cloud-based time tracking app also allows you to invite guests, which is a special role dedicated to clients and stakeholders. Guests' permissions are limited to browsing reports created for projects they're involved in.

Step 3

Start tracking time

Introduce to your employees how cloud-based time tracking in TimeCamp works. Show them how to:

  • use a web app to start a new timer or add time entries manually,

  • track hours automatically with a desktop app,

  • track location with mobile apps,

  • download and browser extensions for Chrome and Edge,

  • register clock in and out with a Time Clock Kiosk tool.

Don't forget to explain why your company decided to implement project time tracking software to log work hours. Unaddressed concerns may negatively affect the trust between employees and their supervisors, which often translates to performance and motivation flaws.

TimeCamp apps also track time offline, so even if you lose internet connection, time data will be synchronized once you're back offline.

Step 4:

Set up the integrations

Connect project management and other tools you use to start a timer inside them or to import the complete project structure to TimeCamp. Once you enable the integration and start tracking hours worked for a specific project, make sure to check if tracked time entries using the integrations are marked as billable.

You can also connect TimeCamp with a Google Calendar account to automatically add meetings and events as separate time entries.

Step 5

Analyze performance

Use the time tracking data to create summaries of time spent across the projects and:

  • regularly check your team's performance to streamline workflows and manage time more efficiently,

  • show your clients proof of work based on employee time,

  • check any project status and make adjustments in time if needed,

  • compare how many billable and non-billable hours were tracked per project or task,

  • prepare accurate estimates for the next projects.

You can also invite each client as a Guest, which is a special role limited to reporting feature. Giving them permission to browse the reports will surely strengthen the mutual trust between parties.

You can export reports to PDF/CSV/Excel format, generate a handy link, or schedule periodical email reports.

Step 6

Manage attendance

TimeCampp time tracking software tracks clock ins and outs, vacations, sick leaves, and remote work to keep paperwork in order and ensure accurate payroll records. Combined with employee wages, it's the easiest way to make sure employee time is always paid fairly.

Key features

Automated time tracking

Filling timesheets in Microsoft Excel is tiresome, so choose a solution that saves you valuable time and manual effort. Automatic time capture is TimeCamp's forte! Download a desktop app, enable keywords for specific tasks and projects, and see how it seamlessly fills timesheets with time tracking data. TimeCamp detects the specified keywords in window titles or URLs and automatically assigns the activity records to the right projects.

With such a distraction-free time tracking app, you can ensure that you and your employees have a full focus session each work day.

Check also our time tracking apps for mobile devices to track time in multiple locations.

Download for: Windows MacOS Linux

Expense tracking

Control the money flow with unlimited tracking of project spending. Decide if expenses should be billable or not, assign each expense to specific projects, and divide them into categories. Set a custom measure and unit price for each category to keep the expenses in order.


Connect TimeCamp time tracking software directly with 30+ project management tools, such as Trello, Jira, Asana, Notion, Clickup,, Zendesk, Salesforce, or Azure DevOps, to create an ultimate productivity hub and keep all the data in one, easily accessible place. By downloading a time tracker browser plugin for Chrome and Edge, the number of integrations extends to 70+!


The reporting capabilities of our best time tracking software give you real-time, actionable insights into exactly how much time your employees spend on specific assignments. Track employee time and generate weekly reports or summaries for a specific date range using a wide range of settings and filters.

Do you have more specific requirements? You can adjust the columns and rows in the pivot table to fit your custom report needs.

Productivity monitoring

Real-time dashboards and computer activity reports use time tracking data to show you the most important statistics about how your employees are spending time at work. However, they are not only for supervisors to browse - each employee can access reports created based on their own work data. This way, they can do regular self-checkups and make adjustments to their performance to boost productivity and fulfill their duties more efficiently.


Track billable time and generate invoices based on time tracked per specific project or task, or just use a blank document to create one. Issue your invoices the way it suits you the most:

  • straight to clients via email,

  • as a PDF file,

  • as a handy link accessible by anyone who receives it.

Moreover, connecting a PayPal account to your TimeCamp allows tracking down the payments on the go.

Why use cloud based time tracking apps?

Get yourself TimeCamp time tracking as a web app, apps for desktop and mobile device, and log work hours for unlimited projects.

Track progress effortlessly

A time tracking app provides real-time insight into how much time is being spent on various tasks, allowing managers to monitor progress against deadlines and identify potential bottlenecks early on. By accurately tracking time, teams can ensure that projects stay within budget and on schedule, minimizing the risk of cost overruns and delays.

Additionally, the detailed reports generated by time tracking software offer valuable insights into team performance and task efficiency, enabling better resource allocation and informed decision-making. Overall, time tracking software is a powerful tool for maintaining control over project timelines, improving accountability, and driving successful project outcomes.

Streamline shift scheduling

Time tracking tool automates scheduling, ensuring that shifts are assigned fairly and optimally based on employee availability and workload requirements. It helps prevent scheduling conflicts and reduces the administrative burden of manually creating and adjusting schedules.

Real-time tracking ensures that managers can quickly respond to changes, such as last-minute absences, by easily reassigning shifts. Tracking work hours provides a clear and accessible schedule for employees, improving communication and reducing misunderstandings. This way, the company learns how to optimize its resources more wisely, increasing employee satisfaction and a creating more organized work environment.

Analyze performance

Using time tracking software to analyze a team's performance provides detailed insights into how time is allocated across projects and tasks. This data is essential for identifying productivity trends and areas for improvement. By capturing working hours precisely, managers can assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their team members, recognize high performers, and address disengagement before it seriously affects the team's workflow.

Time-tracking solutions help in setting realistic goals and benchmarks, ensuring that resources are optimally utilized. Furthermore, the visual reports and analytics generated enable informed decision-making, streamlining planning and strategy development.

Once you start tracking work hours, you'll find out that there's no better way to enhance team performance and drive overall organizational success.

Keep all time logs safe

Time tracking app helps maintain the highest data safety levels by leveraging advanced security measures inherent in cloud technology, even in a free plan. All its apps ensure that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access.

Tools for creating time logs like TimeCamp also offer regular automated backups, reducing the risk of data loss. Moreover, cloud-based solutions often include multi-factor authentication and robust access controls, limiting users with specific data access privileges. With continuous security updates and compliance with industry standards, intuitive time tracking software provides a secure environment that safeguards critical data against potential threats and breaches.

You track time to improve project profitability and payroll; we ensure your full data safety.

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