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Discover how Bluerank, a leading digital marketing agency, achieved improved project profitability and streamlined work planning with TimeCamp.


Digital marketing agency

Using TimeCamp

For project time tracking


120 experts

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Key challenges

  • check-mark-with-circleEstimating project time without supporting data
  • check-mark-with-circleDesire for project planning and costing capabilities
  • check-mark-with-circleNo prior experience with time tracking


  • check-mark-with-circleDesktop and web app
  • check-mark-with-circleTime tracking in projects
  • check-mark-with-circleCalendar integration

Key outcomes

  • check-mark-with-circleReduction of 32 hours company-wide per month on planning
  • check-mark-with-circleEnhanced work allocation and streamlined operations

Meet the experts

Bluerank specializes in developing comprehensive online brand presence strategies, leveraging a deep understanding of clients' businesses and effective utilization of Customer Journey concepts.

With a team of 120 certified specialists working in interdisciplinary teams, Bluerank combines expertise, thinking styles, and action approaches to provide unique competencies and cohesive, comprehensive service to its partners. Bluerank actively analyzes the Internet marketing market, identifies trends, and influences the industry's development in Poland and worldwide.

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The need for time tracking in Bluerank arose from the challenges they faced in estimating project durations and accurately assessing the profitability of their projects. Before TimeCamp, they relied on subjective estimations and lacked a standardized system for tracking and allocating time.

By adopting a time tracking tool, Bluerank aimed to improve their project planning and estimating capabilities, enhance resource allocation, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their team's productivity and project costs.

the solution

Prior to implementing TimeCamp, Bluerank relied on estimations for project time without any supporting data. They chose TimeCamp to measure project profitability accurately, enable work planning, and provide accurate cost estimation.

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The biggest challenge during the implementation process was effectively communicating to employees why time tracking was necessary. However, TimeCamp's features, such as easy-to-use web or desktop app with time tracker and calendar integration, proved highly appreciated by Bluerank employees, offering efficient time allocation and utilization.

With TimeCamp's user-friendly interface and evident benefits, Bluerank successfully adopted the tool and gained a reliable source of time data.

“The manager's work time dedicated to planning has decreased by an average of 80 minutes per month, which makes 32 hours per month for the entire company - and that is a significant value.”

Patrycja Karpik
Marketing Manager at Bluerank
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Bluerank's partnership with TimeCamp has yielded significant outcomes. The agency experienced a reduction of 80 minutes per month in managers' planning time, translating to 32 hours saved company-wide.

These tangible results have optimized project execution, enhanced resource allocation, and facilitated streamlined operations.

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