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Outlook Calendar time tracking

Log your time spent on individual professional projects. Be sure to record your work hours. Maximize your productivity like a professional.

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How can you benefit from Outlook Calendar integration

Set up our integration in a matter of a few minutes and you can get an idea of how much time your team is devoting to the various projects.

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Make sure to avoid losing any billable minute at any time. Keep your projects cost-effective.


Rapidly recognize project time delays and find ways to adjust them.


Budget and strategize your projects more thoroughly with your time tracking information.


Automatically generate your invoices based on tracked working time.


Cut out jumping between apps and tabs when working.


Aim to manage the time you spend on tasks without being distracted.


Experience our features and make the most of your TimeCamp integration

Activity tracking

Discover the time spent on a specific project if a person is busy working on more than one project at the same time.

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Manage your project

Tailor revenue and expense metrics seamlessly and view real-time profitability.

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Hold your clients accountable by the number of hours worked - accurately measured.

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Desktop application

The app is unobtrusive, but it's always at hand so you can remember to track hours worked.

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chrome extension

Track time directly in Outlook Calendar

Chrome Plugin

Right now you and your team are able to track time straight from your Outlook Calendar with our Google Chrome plugin.

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chrome plugin integration extension
Track. Measure. Improve.

Better time tracking and reporting for Outlook Calendar users.

TimeCamp and Outlook Calendar integration

TimeCamp is the electronic version of traditional timesheets, but it has more benefits besides time tracking. You can integrate it with project management and calendar apps like Outlook Calendar.

Adding important calendar events and Outlook time management can be overwhelming as you add several alarms and reminders to avoid forgetting.

Aggregating project timesheets is tedious. TimeCamp web-based software for time tracking with Outlook Calendar is a viable solution to these problems.

Parents looking for a time tracker for Outlook to keep tabs on family and school events or professionals who already use Outlook, such as doctors, lawyers, and content creators, find this app helpful.

An Outlook Calendar client tracking billable time feature helps invoice, check project profitability, and note cash cow clients you should take care of! It also works with popular CRM apps like Zoho CRM.

To experience these and other benefits, integrate TimeCamp with your Outlook calendar and enable it by following the simple steps below.

Outlook Calendar time tracking

TimeCamp is an Outlook timesheet add-in. It shows comprehensive time analytics of calendar meetings and events.

You get to track your team's most productive and non-productive hours and how you spend your day as a freelancer, so you know the best time to block out time for challenging or important activities.

The timesheets are an accountability and transparency tool for clients and professionals. Outlook calendar reports from the Outlook tracker are time stamped, documenting time spent doing a task or project.

Professionals struggling to value projects when preparing quotes and proposals over time will have an idea of how much effort it takes to complete a project and how much it should cost.

How time tracking with Outlook Calendar works

All the tasks or activities you add to the Outlook calendars you manage automatically go into Outlook timesheets in the app. Only you view them in the number of hours spent on each task, which helps evaluate your workflow or your team's workflow.

This helps you to accurately track your activities without having to switch from your calendar and works with a list of other project management and scheduling apps.

The integration doesn't require you to be an expert in software development. Just follow the steps below to enable time tracking in Outlook.

How to enable the TimeCamp and Outlook Calendar time tracking integration

Time tracking Outlook Calendar is simple and accurate with these few steps. Remember, you must have an active TimeCamp account before starting.

1. Copy ICS formation URL from Outlook Calendar

  • Log in to Outlook.com
  • Access your calendar
  • Look for the settings icon top right and click on it. A menu will appear.
  • Select options at the bottom.
  • Go to calendar-share calendars, and click on the calendar publishing option. Remember to choose the calendar you want to integrate from the menu.
  • Look for "Shows availability, title, and locations". Copy the sharable ICS link.

2. Export data to enabletime tracker Outlook

  • Log in to TimeCamp.
  • Go to settings and look for the integration tab. Click on it and choose calendar integration.
  • Click on settings and paste the link you copied to import data.

3. Optional: assigning calendar events to projects

To automatically assign calendar events or meetings to projects, use the meeting/event name as a keyword. Here's more about TimeCamp project keywords.

Benefits of Outlook Calendar time tracking integration

Tracking Outlook is one way of tracking project progress and the time spent on each project, but there are more benefits.

Time tracking Outlook Calendar

TimeCamp makes time tracking in Outlook a breeze. You can schedule your regular meetings and activities in the calendar and then make your timesheet entries based on those events.

Log time spent on tasks or tasks across several projects and directly feed your business accounts.

To gain a deeper understanding of your team's efficiency and personal productivity, be sure to peruse the detailed reports available in the TimeCamp program.

You not only save time tracking project hours but also manage attendance, timesheet approvals, and generate accurate bill data for clients.

Time management with Outlook

The time spent on a specific project or task might inform task sharing with your team and see where to add or reduce resources.

Manage your time and projects with precision by keeping meticulous time records. The Outlook tracker time analytics provide greater insights on activities and progress in Outlook time, allowing you to better manage your time, prevent time wastage, and increase productivity.

The Outlook tracker makes time tracking less cumbersome

You don't need to carefully go around different apps, recording the time taken on each. There's no need to keep updating your timesheets manually for work done.

TimeCamp automatically imports data from the calendar, and you can generate different Outlook Calendar reports to share with your client or employer. In PDF or Excel formats. Time management Outlook is automated.

Tracking in Outlook is centralized

You have one spot where all information on projects, cost overruns for fixed costs projects, and workforce management data like payroll, absence, and overtime in analytics are.

You can choose to share with supervisors or teams for easy communication of tasks status (due, ongoing, finished).

Generate progress reports or detailed reports for clients to see how you spent their money.

TimeCamp's free plan

The Outlook timesheet add-on has a free plan that allows for one-user integration.

Track your family or small business activities at no cost before moving to the pro plan that has more features beyond simple time-tracking.

Gauge your capacity

Over time, you'll know what you can take on comfortably and what you cannot. Overworking and unhealthy work stress impacts productivity and morale for work.

Time tracking shows how long it takes to complete a project, so you set that time aside for each project.

Assess client value and manage a business client portfolio

Tracking in Outlook allows you to compare the revenue generated by each client and project easily.

It helps determine which extras cost too much, which clients you might need to manage their expectations, and which steps in the process could improve.

Simple and fast integration

The Outlook tracker integration is straightforward. To complete the integration, copy the ICS URL from your calendar and paste it to TimeCamp, as shown in the steps above.