A time tracking software for designers to bill accurately and fine-tune productivity

Your time is money, so never lose a penny on unbilled work hours. Track how much time you're spending on clients' designs and never underbill again.

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timecamp features

Increase profitability and keep finances under control

Billing rates and labor costs

Set different rates for employees and projects. Your labor cost is automatically accounted for every time you run the time tracker.

Financial reports

Enhance profitability and strategize effectively with data-rich financial reports.

Customizable invoices

You can send invoices straight from TimeCamp or integrate it with popular tools like QuickBooks or Xero.

Dependable team availability management tool for designers

100% accurate timesheets

TimeCamp is a robust tool for creatives from all walks of life, making time tracking and payroll tasks effortless.

Timesheet approvals

If necessary, you can set up a requirement for managers to approve employee timesheets.


With TimeCamp, clock-in-clock-out is as simple as a click, and you can see who in your team is available on what days — at a glance.

Cut your time tracking by up to 90% daily

One-click timer

With just a single click, you can start or stop the time tracker.

Calendar view

View your weekly schedule in a graphic timeline, editable at your convenience.

Integration with Calendar (deep work, time blocking)

If you're handling meetings or tasks via a calendar tool, you can smoothly move them directly onto your timesheet.

Proof your work to clients and get 100% reliable internal data

Fine-looking charts

With our easy-to-grasp charts, you'll quickly identify areas for improvement in productivity, staff management, and finances.

Export reports in multiple formats

Export your reports in commonly accepted formats such as XLSX, PDF, CSV, or Google Spreadsheets.

Reports for clients

Foster client trust by sharing automated email time tracking reports.

Start tracking time


Time tracking integrations

Easy and fast integration with more than 100 apps and work tools. Keep your existing workflow and connect TimeCamp to the apps you currently use.

Check the integrations

Now you can also track time directly from your favorite apps, such as Trello or Asana, with our Chrome extension.

Track time in projects and tasks, create reports, and bill your clients in just one tool.


Check what others say about TimeCamp

Time tracking app for designers

Graphic designers are specialists in creating ideas. They plan how to turn other people's wishes into reality. The creative process often requires spending long hours using different types of software. It is not uncommon for graphic designers to also work using a pencil and a piece of paper. Very often this happens not by their desk but at the site where they plan to implement their designs. All the various types of work designers do require adequate time tracking for graphic designers. Many use old ways of recording the time spent on their projects but in the 21st century, it is high time to switch to time tracking software for designers.x

Is time tracking for designers necessary?

Yes, it is. I would even say more - it is the only way to actually know how much time you spend on your clients' projects. You know well why you are a designer - because you love creating unique designs for your clients. Time tracking for designers is like a mundane task that no one remembers about. However, knowing the amount of work devoted to fulfilling your clients' wishes is crucial to correctly assess your income. Imagine an app that records time for you, carefully gathering time entries for the time you worked on your projects. At the end of each project, you are able to generate a report or an invoice and bill your client directly. What is more, if you are an owner of a larger designer business, a need to monitor your employee productivity arises. What about paying your staff? Does your staff still use timesheets? If only such a miraculous app that offers free time tracking for designers existed. I have good news for you. It not only exists but is the best time tracking for designers. Let me introduce TimeCamp.

TimeCamp time tracking software for designers - advantages

Project Management and monetary or time budgets

A time tracker for graphic designers should guarantee not only the simple service of measuring the time. TimeCamp free time tracking software for designers helps in assessing the time needed to complete a given project. You can assign projects to the team members who are best suited to work on a given project and, thanks to that, easily assess the costs of such a project. A project budget is a piece of cake as you will also know all billable hours of a given employee and adjust the costs accordingly to their rate of pay. Ultimately, you will know how many hours can be devoted to a given task to stay within the budget as well as calculate expected profits.


TimeCamp time tracker for designers is a perfect tool for client invoicing. Thanks to the ability to generate specific reports on the basis of time entries, you can automatically generate accurate invoices for your clients. From now on, calculating the total amount on the invoices will not take longer than a few clicks of a mouse!

Payroll management

TimeCamp seems like a perfect solution for tracking time spent at work. What is more, it generates accurate timesheets based on time entries and other reports that help you monitor your team members' work. If you were swamped by manually filled-out timesheets and spent countless hours trying to figure out how much you should pay your staff members, TimeCamp time tracking for graphic designers comes with help!

Free time tracking

TimeCamp is a free time tracking software for designers that prepared a free forever plan, which offers you basic time tracking functions. For more advanced features of TimeCamp time tracking for designers, choose one of our premium plans. They offer a benefit of a free 14-day trial.