We’ve released new Google Chrome Plugin ➡️ and Edge Plugin ➡️ . Track time directly in your browser. integration - logo time tracking time tracking integration allows you to record time for specific projects and tasks. Use it to track hours you and your team work and improve your productivity like a pro.

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How it works

You can set up our integration within minutes and get an overview of how much time you spend on different projects and clients in your company. The timer can be added to the task view thanks to our Chrome plugin.

TimeCamp Chrome plugin Track time in Chrome TimeCamp Chrome plugin Track time in Edge

Improved project management

Using our time tracking software improves visibility and awareness. You can quickly check if the project is falling behind and find solutions. Make more data-based decisions and get insight on how busy your team really is. Manage and estimate projects better with the help of time tracking information.

Google Chrome plugin

Now, by using our Google Chrome plugin, you can track time directly in No more jumping between apps and tabs while you work. Keep it simple and focus on your work. We'll take care of time tracking. dashboard with TimeCamp integration

Easy setup

Note: If you don't have a TimeCamp account, click here to register for a free 14-day trial.

Below you can find how to enable the integration:

timecamp automatic mode


Log in to TimeCamp and go to the Integrations tab in Settings.


Open your app and go to the Admin panel. Copy your v2 Personal API Token.


Go back to TimeCamp, paste the API Token on integration's page, and click the green "Enable integration" button.


Now you can select boards to synchronize and optionally invite people from to TimeCamp. That’s all!


The integration will automatically import your projects and tasks to TimeCamp. You will find them in Projects in TimeCamp, under the main project simply called “”.


If you’re using Google Chrome, you can install our plugin to track the time spent on all of your activities directly in

Benefits include

Time tracking has never been so easy! You can switch on the timer in task, or using our web, mobile and desktop apps. You can even track time automatically and switching between tasks without a single click thanks to a keyword-based tracker.

You can introduce TimeCamp to your employees very easily. They just need to install the desktop app or Chrome plugin or simply log in to the web version. If you already imported projects, they can start tracking!

Check time spent by users, tasks, projects, and teams. Generate custom reports to make better business decisions. Set up automatic email reports, export data to Excel and PDF, or share them by link.

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One simple tool to measure everything your business needs.

Remember, you can't improve something if you're not measuring it! If you're tired of the constant guessing, give TimeCamp a go!

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