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Time tracking for lawyers that increase profitability by accurate client billing

Track time spent on work for your clients and monitor each case revenue thanks to 100% reliable time data from TimeCamp.

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Save your time spent on time tracking every day

Multi-platform time tracking

Use the desktop, web, or mobile app to track your time whether you are working on the computer, at court, or meeting with the client.

Calendar integration

Use integration with popular Calendar tools and import your activities straight into the timesheet automatically.

Automatic time tracking

Set keywords in your desktop app and use it during work - TimeCamp will automatically add time entries to relevant tasks.

Never lose any billable minute of your work

Billing based on hours

In TimeCamp you can set rates for your clients and bill them based on tracked hours.

Billable and non-billable time

Segregate your time entries into billable and non-billable like administrative work or documentation organizing.


Keep your administrative work as simple as possible. Send invoices based on billable hours spent on client or case straight from TimeCamp.

Track time in the way you work as a lawyer

100% accuracy

TimeCamp time tracking provides you with fully reliable data about your working time.


Get unquestionable proof of work and build trust with your clients thanks to clear working time reports.

Clients and cases

With TimeCamp structures you can divide your work for specific clients or cases by using projects, tasks, and tags.

Keep your data safe according to best standards


To maximize your data security you can choose the self-hosting option and use your own infrastructure.

Data storage region

Choose the region where you wish to store data and meet your local data security regulations.

ISO Compliance

TimeCamp is compliant with ISO 27001 requirements - the main international standard of data security.

Increase your creative projects’ profitability and earn more

Billable and non-billable time

Differentiate your time to have a better view of your real profits from projects.

Rates for projects or people

Set different rates for employees to monitor your work cost or for projects to check income.

Billing and invoicing

Bill your clients based on worked hours and send invoices straight from TimeCamp.

Don’t worry about time tracking - we’ll do it for you

One-click timer

To start or stop tracking time, you need to click only once. For real!

Desktop app

Meet the real time tracking ninja - remains in the shadow but always on hand when you need it.

Calendar integration

If you use a calendar tool to manage meetings or tasks - you can move them straight to the timesheet.

Improve your workflow based on 100% reliable data

Nice looking charts

Compare the most valuable business data in clear, easy-to-understand charts.

Export of reports

You can export your reports with just a few clicks in the most popular formats.

Guest view

Proof your work time to your client and give him a guest view of your reports.

Save your time on time tracking and focus on the real job

Integration with PM tools

Do you like to manage your work in a favorite PM tool? Integrate it and move project structures automatically.

Easy project changing

Working for many clients at once? Changing a project is no more than a few clicks.

Automatic time tracking

Set keywords and use them during the work - TimeCamp will log your time to the chosen task automatically.

Time tracking integrations

Easy and quick integration with more than 100 apps and work tools

TimeCamp works great alongside with all of the most popular work management tools. Now, you can also track time directly from your go-to apps such as Trello or Asana thanks to our Chrome extension.

TimeCamp Chrome plugin Track time in Chrome

Maintain your current workflow and connect TimeCamp, the best time tracking software, with your currently used apps.

Check integrations

Track time in projects and tasks, create reports, and bill your clients in just one tool.


Check what others say about TimeCamp

Time tracking and billing solution for attorneys

Attorneys and lawyers carry an immense responsibility on their shoulders. The law changes regularly, new regulations, and bills are introduced and on top of that, the legislation commentaries are released. All that and much more is what attorneys and lawyers need to stay on top of. With all responsibility and novelties, it is very easy to lose track of time while working on the clients' cases. It is also very common for attorneys to devote more time to certain activities than they realize. That is why a good time tracking software for lawyers and attorneys is the best solution to keep on top of their work time. But does such a free time tracking app for attorneys exist? Of course, it is TimeCamp!

What should the best time-tracking software for attorneys and lawyers offer?

While looking for the best time-tracking app or software for attorneys and lawyers, it is necessary to answer the question of what such a tracking tool should offer to those professions. No matter if it is a large enterprise hiring thousands of legal professionals or just a small law firm the time spent on work one loves usually... does not count. To be more precise, tracking time for such professions should be as automatic as possible as law practice management teams rarely focus on time and expense tracking. Good law firms will never prioritize time tracking of billable hours over their client's well-being. But truth be told, such administrative tasks as keeping track of work time entries, expense tracking, or clients' billable time report generation are also vital parts of lawyers' and attorneys' jobs. That is why TimeCamp legal billing software solution is the best time-tracking software for lawyers.

TimeCamp - the best lawyer time-tracking software that never fails

If you are looking for free time tracking software for attorneys and lawyers, search no more. TimeCamp time tracking takes the load off your shoulders by dealing with all administrative tasks with just a few clicks. Have a look at what TimeCamp time tracking tool has to offer:


Free time tracking for attorneys' working time has never been easier. Simply install TimeCamp free time tracking for attorneys and enjoy generating automatic timesheets for the time worked.

Billable hours tracking

Do your team members often have to work on the cases on and off-site? TimeCamp timekeeping software for attorneys records all billable hours as well as non-billable time spent on given cases. It does not matter if it is in the office, home or court.


Any good law practice management software helps with setting up a budget for client cases. Thanks to TimeCamp free time tracking for lawyers you will precisely assign tasks to your staff members and asses how many hours will be spent on a given case. Do not worry about exceeding your budget again!

Billing rates

TimeCamp is a free tracking and billing software. The latter function helps with such tasks as assigning different rates of pay to your staff members and therefore paying them accordingly. Payroll management with TimeCamp free time tracking for attorneys and lawyers is a piece of cake!


Client management can be a real challenge for many law firms. This includes not only client data handling or phone call etiquette but also, most importantly client billing. Thanks to best time tracking billing software for attorneys offered by TimeCamp, invoicing has never been easier. Automatically generate invoices from collected time entries and let TimeCamp time tracking software for lawyers free you from daunting responsibilities!

Integration with Google Calendar

Among time tracking apps for lawyers, there is one that integrates effortlessly with Google Calendar - TimeCamp! But that is not all! Other apps TimeCamp time and tracking software for lawyers and attorneys integrates with include: iCal, Outlook, Jira, Quickbooks, and many more!

Free time tracking

Looking for a free time tracking app for lawyers? You are in for a treat! TimeCamp gives you an opportunity to enjoy a free forever plan with basic functions. For more advanced features of TimeCamp time tracking and billing software for lawyers, choose one of our premium plans. They offer a benefit of a free 14-day trial.