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Stop guessing where work hours go

Get a project time tracking software that adapts to the team's workflow and informs exactly how much time your employees spend on their assignments

How to track employee time?

Set up your TimeCamp time tracking software in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a free TimeCamp time tracking account

Step 2: Set up the preferences

Invite every team member and assign the roles to set up separate permission levels for a team account and each project.

Step 3: Start tracking time

Introduce TimeCamp time clocks to your employees. Show them how to start a new timer or add time entries manually using a web app, track hours automatically with a desktop app, download apps for their mobile phones, or register clock ins and outs with a Time Clock Kiosk.

Step 4: Track activity

See who's currently working on what and in which location.

Step 5: Manage attendance

The employee time clock app by TimeCamp tracks clock ins and outs, vacations, sick leaves, and remote work to keep paperwork in order and ensure accurate payroll lists.

Step 6: Analyze performance

Generate and download rich-data time reports on how your employees are performing to make informed decisions about optimizing workforce management.

Key features

Automated time tracking

Download desktop apps and enable hassle-free, automated time tracking that seamlessly categorizes time entries based on keywords in the window names. With our employee time tracking app, you can forget about filling out timesheets manually for good—we track time spent on tasks, and you can focus entirely on your assignments.

Accurate timesheets

Time tracking capabilities of TimeCamp cover easy-to-use, versatile timesheets. Choose the way you prefer to fill them out between three different views:

  • day view - a chronological list of time entries registered for a particular day,

  • week view - a handy table of tasks and their duration time within the specific week,

  • calendar view - a visual presentation of employee work hours tracked for a specific week.

The day and calendar views can be filled out by hand or using desktop apps or mobile devices. What's more, if your assignments require performing similar activities every day, you can copy entries from previous days and duration.

Generate detailed reports

Turn records logged with an employee hours tracker to create rich-data performance summaries regarding employees' performance and project progress. Use them for:

  • regular employee monitoring checkups for in-office and remote workers,

  • identifying areas of improvement in employees' productivity,

  • project budgeting and resource allocation,

  • controlling budget overruns by tracking billable and non-billable hours,

  • employee accountability tracking,

  • establishing more informed task management practices

  • sending your clients proof of work, alongside the invoice.

TimeCamp time tracking software offers a wide range of reports with preset values. However, if you can't find one that suits your needs, you can access the pivot table and define your own values to create a custom report.

Once you get the report, you can export it as a PDF/CSV, Excel file, or Google Spreadsheet or prepare a handy, shareable link. You can also schedule periodical emails with reports.

Geofencing and GPS tracking

Employee time tracking by TimeCamp allows you to monitor employees' locations in real-time. Whenever employees enter the identified location, TimeCamp mobile apps send a notification and automatically start tracking time, clocking the employee in.

With this handy feature, you can easily assign employees to the chosen location so that the app will recognize where they are and track work hours they spend there.

Billable hours

Either you track time automatically or fill timesheets manually; you can mark each entry as billable to make sure you'll never miss any billable hours. By associating time entries with specific tasks, projects, or clients, you may choose, if the entry should be marked as billable by default from the start. This way, it's easy to effectively distinguish between billable and non-billable hours, thus billing clients accurately.

You can also set different billing rates for various tasks, projects, or team members. This feature ensures that the correct rate is applied to each billable hour tracked.


Integrate your time tracking app with any other tool you use: project management tools, accounting software, sales, or CRM systems to manage projects and track time for assignments within single interface.

TimeCamp integrates directly with 30+ tools, such as Trello, Jira, Asana, Monday.com, Clickup, Zendesk, or Azure DevOps. However, the list extends to 70+ with a time tracking plugin for browsers.

Track employee hours with TimeCamp

Project progress tracking

Best employee time tracking apps improve project progress tracking by letting you know how many hours team members spend on various tasks to achieve the milestones set for a particular project. This visibility allows project managers to monitor progress against deadlines, allocate resources more efficiently, and identify potential delays early on.

The software's rich data reports and analytics offer insights into productivity patterns and task completion rates, enabling more accurate forecasting and informed decision-making. By centralizing project timelines and updates, the time tracking tool ensures that all stakeholders have access to current information, facilitating improved communication and collaboration throughout the project's lifecycle.

Streamlined project management

Integrating employee time tracking software with project management tools streamlines project management by consolidating all essential data into a single, cohesive platform. This integration allows for seamless tracking of work hours spent on tasks directly within project timelines, enhancing accuracy and reducing the need for manual data entry.

Managers can easily monitor progress, allocate resources, and adjust schedules in real time based on up-to-date information. The integrated project management system also improves communication among team members by providing a unified view of project status, deadlines, and workload distribution, ultimately leading to more efficient project execution and successful outcomes.

Accurate billing

Employee time tracking software ensures accurate client billing by meticulously recording the time spent on each task and project. Providing detailed and precise timesheets, it eliminates guesswork and manual errors, ensuring billable time is accounted for. This transparency fosters trust with clients, as they can review exact records of the work performed.

Additionally, the best time tracking software can automatically generate invoices based on the tracked time, streamlining the billing process and reducing administrative overhead. This accuracy and efficiency improve client satisfaction and enhance your business's financial integrity.

Team productivity improvement

Performing an outstanding job doesn't mean your employees have to sacrifice their healthy work-life balance. Using employee time tracking software can significantly enhance your team's productivity by providing accurate insights into how time is spent on various tasks and projects. This software enables project managers to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, allocate resources more effectively, and set realistic deadlines.

Employees benefit from clear expectations and can better manage their time, reducing idle periods and increasing focus on high-priority activities. Additionally, automated timesheets and real-time tracking minimize administrative burdens, allowing team members to concentrate more on their core responsibilities, ultimately driving overall productivity and project success.

Streamlined team management

Employee time tracking apps streamline team management by offering real-time visibility into employee data, activities, attendance, and productivity. They also simplify shift scheduling, ensuring that the right people are assigned to the right tasks at optimal times, reducing conflicts and overtime.

Automated timesheets and integrated payroll functionalities minimize administrative tasks, allowing managers to focus on strategic planning and team development. The software's analytics and reporting features provide actionable insights into workforce performance, helping managers make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and foster a more organized and motivated work environment.

Attendance in order

Employee time tracking software streamlines attendance tracking by automating the process of recording and monitoring employee check-ins and check-outs. With features such as digital clock-ins, biometric verification, and GPS-based tracking, it ensures accurate and reliable attendance data without manual errors.

Employee time tracker software provides real-time updates and centralized data storage, making it easy for managers to review attendance records, identify patterns, and address issues promptly. Additionally, time management software integrates seamlessly with payroll software, ensuring that employees are compensated accurately based on their actual working hours. Thus, it reduces administrative overhead and enhances overall efficiency in attendance management.

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