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Mirador Analytics

Discover how to streamline your time reporting with TimeCamp. Forget about annoying timesheet filling and transform time data into crucial insights as Mirador Analytics did.


Consulting - risk analysis

Using TimeCamp

For project time tracking


60 employees

Operating area

United Kingdom

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Key challenges

  • check-mark-with-circleProof of working time to the clients
  • check-mark-with-circleEmployees working time monitoring
  • check-mark-with-circleMaking project managers' work easier


  • check-mark-with-circleTime tracker
  • check-mark-with-circleGoogle Calendar Integration
  • check-mark-with-circleCustom Reports

Key outcomes

  • check-mark-with-circleLots of positive feedback from employees
  • check-mark-with-circleDaily time savings on filling up timesheets
  • check-mark-with-circleNo data lost due to being offline

Meet the experts

​​​Mirador Analytics are experts in statistical disclosure risk analysis. They empower healthcare organizations with data privacy attestation demonstrating that individuals’ records are de-identified to a sufficient level.

They offer both consultative expert evaluation of data de-identification and automated solutions, driven by proprietary software, in a way that scales with client demand.

Around 60 employees of Mirador Analytics support clients through every step of the process and work alongside legal and privacy teams to ensure solutions are delivered in a way that maximizes privacy. They work with the company's product teams to take forward as much utility as possible while maintaining the lowest possible risk. Mirador's experts also answer stakeholders' questions and provide guidance on minimizing disclosure risk.

In November 2021, Mirador Analytics was acquired by Datavant - a leader in helping healthcare organizations securely connect their data. Alongside the Mirador team, they announced their Privacy Hub offering to raise the bar for patient privacy and compliance across the healthcare industry.

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As a consulting firm, Mirador Analytics works directly for its clients. Each client has a set number of hours per month, which employees utilize in order to complete their projects.

But what if it turns out that for some reason the number of hours has been exceeded? How should you communicate to the client that they need to pay extra? And how to prove that it was actually necessary?

Such a dilemma faced the Project Management team of Mirador analytics and time tracking could be the answer. Unfortunately, the first solution to time tracking was complicated for employees to use and often failed to properly save time recorded.

A better time tracking system should also provide a way to track employee time for internal projects and training, versus external client work, allowing them to maximize both their productivity and personal development.

the solution

The right time-tracker matters

Time tracking, to be effective, must first of all be easy to use. The previous tool used by Mirador Analytics experts wasn’t designed explicitly for that purpose, therefore the process was time-consuming and frequently resulted in mistakes. The system was prone to losing information if there was an internet connection issue during time logging, which was quite detrimental.

“I love the customizable time view - this allows us to track client hours used to their contractual agreements, as well as to provide our clients with an overview of how time is spent across their ongoing projects.

We can also see how client hours fluctuate month-to-month, which allows us to better pre-emptively plan resource assignments. The whole system is user-friendly and easy to navigate around, even for new starts.”

Emma Playford, Head of Client Management at Mirador Analytics
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The ability to export the data in a way that could be used for downstream metrics was also a key component of their need for time tracking software. The user interface was not well designed for time tracking either, as it was predominantly designed for project management.

Fortunately, however, they came across TimeCamp!

The user-friendly interface of our software is easy to set up so implementation was not a problem. Experts at Mirador Analytics decided to create extensive project structures - from now on overall client time could be tracked as well as the time performed specifically for each project.

The Custom views functionality within TimeCamp allows the Project Management team to view both project-by-project breakdowns of time utilization and review individual staff members' time to ensure that they are getting the right balance of client work and personal development time.

According to Mirador Analytics managers, thanks to the TimeCamp software, there have been no issues with losing time, as there were with the previous system, which allows them to accurately bill time to the clients.

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Enjoy the

There's something for everyone

Since Mirador Analytics has been using TimeCamp, every department in the company has found something that helps them in their daily work. For Data Scientists, who can work on projects for the full day, the Timer function is very useful. They can start the timer when they begin work in the morning, and the timer will track their time without them having to manually record it.

From a Project Management perspective, the most useful aspect is that they can pre-populate all meetings in advance or use the integration with Google Calendar to fill out timesheets and save time for actual work.

With custom reports, reporting to clients has become more than easy. On request, it is possible to prepare for the client a summary of working time by task, team, etc. in a few minutes. And on top of that, you can easily export it to your preferred format.

Positive feedback - our best reward

For us, words of appreciation from the company's employees and managers are the best proof that we are doing our job well. And Mirador Analytics representatives are clearly satisfied with the results they are achieving by using TimeCamp.

Project Managers save their time because all meetings automatically move from the calendar to the timesheet. Data Scientists don't have to worry about a complicated system or get distracted by clicking on the time tracker while working - even if they are offline. And, in addition, on request, in a few minutes, a tailor-made report with all the required information can be prepared for the client.

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