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Discover how Gonito, a leading e-commerce agency operating in 20 markets, achieved remarkable results in productivity, profitability, and employee efficiency with TimeCamp.


E-commerce agency

Using TimeCamp

For project time tracking


Based in Poland

Operating area

Operating in 20 markets

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Key challenges

  • check-mark-with-circleMeasuring project profitability
  • check-mark-with-circleTracking employee working time
  • check-mark-with-circleIncreasing employee efficiency


  • check-mark-with-circleAutomatic time tracking
  • check-mark-with-circleReports
  • check-mark-with-circleIntegrations

Key outcomes

  • check-mark-with-circle10% productivity increase
  • check-mark-with-circleIdentified areas for improvement
  • check-mark-with-circleElevating efficiency and profitability

Meet the experts

Gonito is a team of e-commerce experts dedicated to supporting businesses in managing and scaling sales on global marketplaces in 9 languages across 20 markets, 365 days a year. With over 7 years of experience, Gonito has successfully developed sales strategies for over 300 entrepreneurs from across Europe on various platforms.

Offering a range of services including sales strategy development, product offer preparation and implementation, sales integration, automation and optimization, marketing and advertising, sales security, and sales account unblocking, Gonito ensures comprehensive support for e-commerce success. The team conducts extensive sales account audits and develops personalized remedial plans for clients.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden shift to remote work, Gonito faced the challenge of accurately measuring project profitability and tracking employee working time. Manual processes and subjective opinions about project time consumption were no longer sufficient.

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Gonito required a reliable solution that could precisely track each employee's task allocation, provide better control over working hours, and enhance overall employee efficiency.

TimeCamp emerged as the perfect solution, eliminating human error and providing insightful data for analyzing project costs and identifying avenues for increased profitability.

the solution

TimeCamp proved to be a game-changer for Gonito, especially during the pandemic, enabling seamless management of remote teams. With its powerful work monitoring tools, collaborative features, and comprehensive reporting capabilities, TimeCamp empowered Gonito to optimize work time, boost productivity, and make data-driven decisions.

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Key performance indicators such as contribution margin per project, percentage of productive time, work efficiency, and project costs became measurable and actionable, ensuring precise project evaluation and effective resource allocation.

"During the pandemic, TimeCamp helped us manage remote employees by allowing us to monitor their work and providing tools for collaboration within projects. It also enabled us to generate reports on work time and time utilization, making it easy to identify areas for improvement and increase employee productivity."

Mateusz Westwalewicz
COO at Gonito

"TimeCamp is an application that provides us with many useful features and integrations with other tools. TimeCamp's functions, such as automatic time tracking, reporting, and integrations with other tools, help us effectively manage time and projects, resulting in improved efficiency and greater control over work time utilization."

Mateusz Westwalewicz, COO at Gonito

Enjoy the

Gonito's partnership with TimeCamp has yielded remarkable outcomes. Remote work management became effortless with TimeCamp's monitoring capabilities and collaborative features.

Time analysis and productivity reports enabled Gonito to identify areas for improvement, enhance employee efficiency, and maximize productivity. Precise cost determination, improved project effectiveness, and optimized resource allocation all contributed to elevated profitability.

With automatic time tracking, insightful productivity reports, and effective project budget tracking, Gonito achieved its goals of precise settlements, increasing productivity by 10%, and attaining operational excellence.

The implementation of TimeCamp revolutionized time management, task tracking, and resource allocation, elevating Gonito's efficiency and profitability to new heights.

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