Simple Notion time tracking

Seamlessly import tasks and measure time to them. Unlock Notion's cutting-edge integration for a completely new experience.

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Brand new integration
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What's new to make your work easier?

Import project stucture

Thanks to integration you don’t need to create a new project structure - easily import an already existing one from Notion and choose what should be visible in TimeCamp.


Track time in Notion

Effortlessly track your time directly on your tasks in Notion. The browser plugin will easily allow you to do so.

Keep an eye on time

Now you can see total time tracked for your tasks directly in Notion. No need to check it in TimeCamp, unless you want to generate detailed reports.


Easy reporting system

Talking about reports.. It’s never been so easy. You can check all your tasks and projects by generating a chosen report. Just give it a try.

Track time in Notion

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other features

Reports export

Export your reports in commonly accepted formats such as XLSX, PDF, CSV, or Google Spreadsheets.

other features

Precise billing

Charge your customers by applying specific billing rates to the time recorded for specific project or task.

other features

Productivity monitoring

Spotlight areas that hinder your productivity. Don’t let distractions eat into your per-hour earnings.

TimeCamp and Notion integration

Notion time tracking - is it possible?

Being one of the most flexible tools on the market, Notion lets you manage projects, tasks, databases, and documents easily - all in one workspace. The vast functionality makes Notion one of the most popular file management tools. With TimeCamp you can upgrade its functionality even more by adding time tracking. Find out below how to add time tracking in Notion.

Track time in Notion with TimeCamp with just a few clicks

TimeCamp adds a time tracker in Notion that monitors time spent on certain tasks and activities. With one click on a start timer button, you can start tracking time spent on projects. All you have to do is follow the below simple steps to install your Notion time tracker:

How to Notion time tracking?

One of the most flexible tools on the market, Notion lets you manage projects, tasks, databases, and documents easily—all in one workspace. Its vast functionality makes Notion one of the most popular file management tools. With TimeCamp, you can upgrade its functionality even more by enabling our direct Notion time tracking integration. Find out below how to add time tracking in Notion.

  • Enable

    Sign up for a free account or log into the existing one to enable the Notion time tracking integration. Do it automatically by following the instructions on the Notion website or authorizing the integration through Notion Secret. Integrations in TimeCamp are available for Premium and higher plans. The Premium plan offers one integration, which is perfect for enabling Notion time tracking in TimeCamp.

  • Import project structure

    TimeCamp and Notion integration allows you to import the entire structure of projects from Notion to TimeCamp. Databases will be imported as tasks under the Notion project, and items will be imported as subtasks under the tasks (Notion databases) in TimeCamp.

    Notion time tracking integration is maintained through the Notion account of a person who established it, but it works for all users assigned to the creator's account in TimeCamp.

    All users will be automatically assigned to the Notion project and tasks as Regular users, but later, you can change their roles in this project and unassign selected users from the entire project or assign them only to certain tasks.

    Enable the export option in integration settings to export tracked time to the selected property in your database.

  • Notion time tracking with

    TimeCamp browser plugin You can also add a time tracking button to Notion by installing a browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Go to your browser's extension marketplace and install TimeCamp (don't forget to pin it!). Launch the plugin to make the Notion time tracker by TimeCamp appear as a green button at the top of your Notion account window.

TimeCamp Notion time tracking benefits

Monitor your teams' productivity with a simple click

Nowadays, employees have multiple responsibilities and duties to fulfill. No matter if it is a task, project, or even meetings you want to monitor, effective project management boosts progress, and productivity and helps your business thrive. Time reports let you track hours of work time that your team spent within the Notion workspace. It will also help you automatically create payroll documents so that you can focus on issues more important for your business.


No more switching between the apps. Real-time tracking in Notion happens within the app. As soon as you start tracking the time of a specific task that you are working on, TimeCamp will track how much time you spent on it until you click the stop timer button. Use your TimeCamp account to generate the time tracking reports you need afterward.